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The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) offers vehicle programs that provide complete solutions for federal agencies.

GSA Approved

GSA Advantage!

Electric Vehicles International has been awarded a GSA Schedule, making it possible for federal agencies and military forces to purchase our Electric Medium Duty Trucks.

Under solicitation QMAA-F6-110004-N, four EVI models of medium-duty all-electric trucks have been approved for government purchase, giving EVI the most comprehensive GSA-approved portfolio of all-electric, medium-duty vehicles:

  • 4x2 Utility Service, 10001-19500 lbs GVWR, Electric
  • 4x2 Stake Bed Truck, 10,001-19500 lbs GVWR, Electric
  • 4x2 Dry Cargo Van, 10001 - 19500 lbs GVWR, Electric
  • 4x2 Multistop Van, MIN 10,001 lbs GVWR, Electric


To purchase, visit GSA's website AutoChoice> 

Making a Difference
EVI's environmental responsibility has brought the company to a new level in our efforts to provide clean energy vehicles. EVI continues to develop new technologies that will further the positive environmental impacts of our vehicles.
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