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Services for medium and large-sized fleets
EVI offers conversion services to medium and large sized fleets.  EVI can evaluate your existing fleet and offer solutions to help your company reduce your carbon footprint and GHG emissions, including toxic particulate emissions, decrease your dependence on foreign oil, and curb any vulnerabilities to fuel price fluctuations. EVI can convert a dirty fuel-guzzling fleet into a green and energy efficient fleet using our modular and scalable Powertrain.  We tailor each conversion so that our customer qualifies for local, state, and federal tax incentives.

Custom Conversion

Each conversion is unique and dynamic, tailored by EVI to each customer's individual requirements. Contact us to request an assessment.

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Making a Difference
EVI's environmental responsibility has brought the company to a new level in our efforts to provide clean energy vehicles. EVI continues to develop new technologies that will further the positive environmental impacts of our vehicles.
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