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Electric skateboards have been making a splash in recent years, as people look to find alternative modes of transportation in an ever-changing world. 

Skateboarding has been around since the late 1950s when bored Californian surfers swapped the waves of the Pacific Ocean for the sidewalks, pools, and hills of the city.

This movement absolutely blew up into the cultural phenomenon that it is today, with skateboarding being firmly ingrained in the youth and counterculture movements. 

In recent years, a new direction has emerged within the world of skateboarding… that of electric skateboards and eskating. 

The first electric skateboard patent was given to Louie Finkle back in 1999, though he had been working on the design for a couple of years. He was inspired by a friend who built longboards and decided to attach a motor to one of the boards. 

Despite this advancement in technology, the boards were not readily available for the wider market for many years. Now there is a huge demand and a bigger range of boards available on the market than ever before.  

This article will examine some of the best electric skateboards on the market today, as well as ask why people use electric skateboards.

We will assess their strengths and weaknesses, as well as explore any unique or interesting features that make them stand out from the crowd. 


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Meepo consistently produces high-quality electric skateboards, and the V3 is no different. This board can reach a top speed of 28 mph, is powered by two 540W motors, and includes four riding modes. 

During our testing, we found that it can reach 20 mph in under five seconds, so this thing moves!

Beautifully crafted from Canadian maple, it is lightweight and easy to carry, whilst the battery takes up to three hours for a full charge. 

It has a range of 11 miles with the standard battery, though those shelling out for the upgrade will get up to 20 miles on a single charge. 


  • Canadian Maple - Incredibly quality material for design and functionality
  • Sleek Design - Awesome design and quality build
  • Acceleration - Reaches 20 mph in under five seconds
  • Speed - Top speed of 28 mph is more than enough to move you around town
  • Stability - Solid platform and stable foundation 


  • Durability - Despite being dustproof and water-resistant, there have been some issues with keeping the board clean 
  • Challenging Terrain -  Some users struggled on more rugged and challenging terrain

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An incredible all-rounder that is at home on a smooth road as it is carving up woodland paths and green hills. A 311W battery provides a top speed of 28.5 mph, whilst the board has a range of 17 miles on a single charge. 

Unfortunately, this charge can take up to six hours, so plan ahead and charge it the night before any trips! The control of the board seems almost effortless, as moving between slow and quicker speeds doesn’t send you flying off the board. 

Highly customizable, switching between modes is simple, and the vibrant LEDs greatly increase the visibility of the rider. 


  • Construction - A durable and solid build that provides stability with a little flex in the deck
  • Control - Easy control for managing the speed of the board
  • Safety - LEDs to make the skater more visible to other riders and road users
  • Speed - Top speed of 28.5 mph is pretty rapid 
  • All-rounder - Confident to take on even challenging environments 


  • Battery - Charging time is considerable compared to others 

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Best Electric Skateboard

The Meepo Nils Pro is a stunning and durable board design that is suitable for bigger and taller riders who might find some other boards too lightweight for their tastes. 

The included warranty shows the manufacturers' confidence in their design and customer satisfaction. It has an impressive range of twenty miles and a rather quick top speed of 34 mph thanks to the powerful battery. 

The included remote makes controlling the board an easier task. 


  • Mighty Strength - A strong, durable and tough board that can withstand a lot of use
  • Design - Makes electric skateboarding more accessible to some bigger and taller users
  • M4 Remote - Control the board’s acceleration and braking with ease 
  • Tires - Shock-absorbing tires improve comfort and reduce the chances of injury 
  • Warranty - 6-month warranty included from the date of purchase 


  • Price - You may have to smash your piggy bank!

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The Maxfind FF is considered an impressive update on their previous models, which themselves reached high levels of performance and speed.

There was some criticism that the boards were not strong enough to withstand the extremes of the more adventurous eskaters.

The team at Maxfind carefully considered these opinions and, as a result, puts those fears to bed with the powerful FF model. 

Powered by 750W motors, it has a top speed of 25 mph and a superb maximum range of 21 miles on a single charge.

The board is flexible yet strong enough to handle high speeds, and the shock-absorbing features of the board offer great relief. 


  • Construction - Strong fiberglass materials make it durable and ready to push the limits
  • Shock-absorption - Supports the rider especially well when encountering rough terrain 
  • Customer Care - The company offers good customer service and support during and after purchase
  • Wide design - The wide and concave design improves grip and stability when engaged in high speeds and sharp turns 


  • History - Due to the previous issues mentioned above, the company has some work to do to improve the overall opinion of the brand amongst eskaters. The FF is surely a strong start

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Best Electric Skateboard

The Verreal RS pro is a superb all-rounder that has an outstanding range of thirty-one miles and an equally impressive 31 mph maximum speed. It is equipped with dual 1500W motors for an impressive amount of power. 

This board can handle big and tall riders, handling a weight of up to 330 lbs. The included OLED remote makes controlling the board’s speed even easier, and the screen displays all the useful stats from your ride. 


  • OLED Remote - Great control and speed management 
  • Versatility - Four different modes of speed for use in different environments
  • Brakes - High-quality braking system for improved rider safety
  • Climbing - Awesome power and ability to climb slopes and hills


  • Charging Time - Seven hours to fully charge, the price paid for its power, speed, and range


Best Electric Skateboard

Reaching speeds of up to 22 mph, this board is powered by a 50.4V battery and has an impressive range of eighteen miles from one full charge.

The design is absolutely awesome, with the body designed for maximum flexibility and movement.

Its honeycomb airless tires are wide set for improved stability, balance, grip, and control.

The included OLED remote not only controls the board but also displays all the key stats of your journey such as battery life, distance traveled, and your current speed. 


  • Flexibility -  This board allows for maximum flexibility and a wide range of movement 
  • Range - Travel up to 18 miles on a single charge 
  • Tires - Honeycomb and wide design for balance, stability, grip, control, and safety
  • Versatility - Four different modes of speed for use in different environments 
  • OLED Remote - Great control and speed management 


  • Water -  The water-resistant motor feature is great, though unfortunately, the body is not waterproof so could be prone to water damage 

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With a top speed of 30 mph and an incredible range of twenty-five miles, this rapid speedster has it all.

It’s powered by a powerful 50.4V battery and features a High-Efficiency Electronics System.  The design has been well-thought-out, with it being an absolute pleasure to ride on this board without too many issues. 

Constructed from ABS fiberglass material, the board is pretty much unbreakable. Much like its sister model, the deck is flexible enough to provide a little freedom in your movements and technique. 


  • Speed - A mighty 30 mph maximum speed 
  • Construction - Strong ABS fiberglass makes it pretty much indestructible (within reason!)
  • Control - Easy control for managing the speed of the board
  • Safety - LEDs to make the skater more visible to other riders and road users
  • Deck - Flexible for improved control and movements 


  • Water - The only downside to the board is that it's not waterproof

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Best Electric Skateboard

The brand has built up a strong reputation for high quality and customer service. This is a  fantastic board for those on a regular commute and for those that wish to take their first steps into riding electric skateboards. 

Designed to make eskating more affordable, it is an entry-level model that will still be suitable for those riders with more experience. The shock-absorbing tape provides a better grip and reduces the effect of rough terrain. 


  • Brand Recognition - Sterling reputation and well thought of in the eskater community
  • Affordable - Cheaper price and ‘entry level’ board for beginners and intermediate level riders 
  • Shock-absorbing - 3 mm foam under grip tape for improved protection 
  • Low Maintenance - As it's quite a simple model, the upkeep and maintenance required is minimal 


  • Basic - This is a basic board for beginners, so it does lack some of the more flashy and impressive features of boards in the higher range

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Buyer's Guide 

What Will You Use The Electric Skateboard For?

The most important factor to consider before purchasing an electric skateboard is how and when you intend to use it.

The way in which you intend to use it makes it easier to choose, as you will be focusing on specific features or performance statistics to ensure the board meets your needs. 

The simple question to ask may be: is it for work or play?

Do you intend to commute to work or use it for general travel around your local area? 

Do you want to go off-road and ride down bumpy hills on the weekends?

For commuters or those requiring long distances, look at top speed, battery life, maximum range, and the recharging time to find the ideal scooter for you. Also, consider safety features such as lights or reflectors if you will ride at dusk or night.  

If you only intend to use it for fun, then the range and charging time may not be so important, whereas more maneuverability, better suspension, and bigger tires will be important for those going off-road. 

Best Electric Skateboard

Safety First

First and foremost, be careful, take your time, and obey the relevant traffic laws for the area that you are in. Ensure that you are wearing the appropriate protective gear. A helmet is a necessity, as even falling from a short height could cause catastrophic injury to the head.

Many also wear protective gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads, as it’s common to take a tumble, especially when learning and building confidence. 

For those speed demons seeking the adrenaline rush that comes with downhill eskating, it’s worth upping your level of protection. Protective gear and layers of padding can all greatly help against any hard slams or unfortunate scrapes. 

If using an electric skateboard at night, be sensible and make yourself as visible as possible! Some boards come with LED lights, but it’s still imperative to make yourself stand out. Wearing light colors, using reflective materials, and even attaching lights to your person is recommended! 

Buying For Your Kids

If you are looking to buy an electric skateboard for your kids to use, then there are some important factors to consider. 

Safety Gear

Ensure your kids are kept safe by wearing suitable protective clothing and that their use is monitored, especially whilst they are learning. Add reflectors or lights to the board or your child’s person for added safety. 

Size and Longevity

How old is your kid? Are they still growing? Consider this when choosing their board, as you would hope to get more longevity and use out of a board than only one summer holiday before a growth spurt! 

Intended Use

Carefully consider what your child will use the board for and where they would use it.  Consider the same factors as if you were using it,

is it for commutes or just laying in the park? Ensure that the board is durable enough with a suitable range and features for your child's intended use. 

Frequently Asked Question

Why Do People Use Electric skateboards?

Electric skateboards offer an environmentally friendly, convenient, and downright fun way to travel.

As more people seek alternative transportation in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and live healthier lives, electric skateboards are racing to the front! 

For those that have a small commute, these boards offer a time-saving solution and a great way to keep fit and healthy.

Of course, not everyone uses them for a commute, some just want to experience exhilarating speeds and challenging tests of their bravery. 

What Is The Fastest Electric Skateboard?

Many ‘regular’ boards available that are widely used often reach speeds of up to 30 mph, which is still pretty fast, don’t you think?

Although there are several super speedy electric skateboards, the title of the world's fastest goes to the NGV Next Board. This board can reach a knee-shaking and downright terrifying speed of 68 mph!  

If you’re fortunate, or brave enough to try this board out, needless to say, make sure that you are wearing appropriate safety gear and using it in an appropriate environment. 

Are Electric Skateboards Road Legal In The USA?

Yes, kind of, in a few places. The rules, regulations, and classification of skateboards vary from state to state, and there are currently no federal laws in place.

Implementing changes in the law can be a drawn-out process, especially when governments try to keep up with the rapid pace of technological advances.

As electric skateboarding is a relatively new phenomenon, the laws regulating their use have not caught up everywhere nationwide. Let’s take a look at a few places that have implemented changes to their laws to allow the use of electric skateboards. 


The state updated its laws via Bill AB-604 Electrically Motorized Boards (2015-216). There are some requirements including being sixteen years of age, wearing a helmet, and not traveling above 20 mph.

This only scrapes the surface of the many regulations, so be sure to read up if you want to be 100% road legal! 


The state implemented eskating laws via House Bill 5391 in 2018, which grants eskaters similar rules to that of the state's cyclists. Electric skateboards are legal on any road with a speed limit below 25 mph, which is also the maximum speed allowed on the boards.

There are restrictions to the power allowed, and the law states only one person must travel on the board at a time. 


Whilst there are no specific laws regarding eskating in Texas, some brave souls have decided to test the flexibility of the current motor-assisted scooter laws. Stick to roads under 35 mph, ride in the bicycle lane, or on the sidewalk.

If stopped by the authorities, their action may be at their discretion, as in reported cases of the boards being confiscated after use on the roads. 

How Do Electric Skateboard Remotes Work?

Using a remote makes adjusting your speed easy and convenient. It works by measuring the throttle position and sending that signal to the Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).

Much like any other motorized transport, the further you move the throttle forwards or backward, the faster you’ll travel and the harder you’ll brake. 

Final Thoughts

There you have it, folks — the best electric skateboards on the market! We’ve covered some awesome edecks here today; did any catch your eye and get that adventurous soul of yours stirring?

If so, then pick one up, and prepare for some amazing electric adventures!

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