Can Electric Cars be Pushed?

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Yes, electric cars can be pushed whenever they happen to break down. But it is required of you to put your car into a neutral setting prior to pushing it. If your car doesn’t have neutral then it has to go on a trailer.

Electric vehicles generally are hard to move in the absence of charge inside its battery. However, it’s still possible to push them and have the front wheels running up to the targeted destination.

Electric car motors that don’t come equipped with a neutral setting can encounter problems when pushed. Pushing these cars can negatively impact the electric motors, leading to damages.

Most Popular EV Vehicles 2021

white electric sedan parked beside white and black building
Which are the best electric car sellers 2021/2022?


2021 has passed us by but we still haven’t gotten over the plethora of stunning EV vehicles that it introduced last year. Let us go back in time and go through them again.

Tesla Model Y

The Tesla Model Y is one of the company’s best-selling units with over 172,700 units sold. Did you know that more people purchased this model in 2021 compared to all the non-Tesla that were sold combined?

This EV also beat top-selling models like Chevrolet Equinox, Honda Pilot, Nissan Leaf, and Mazda CX-5. Model Y sports a similar appearance to that of Model 3 but in a bloated version.

The car comes with a 2-Seat Third row and has an estimated miles range of 326. Plus, the entry level unit can run between charges at 244 miles approximately.

Tesla Model 3

In second place, we have the Tesla Model 3 with a staggering 128,600 units sold. EV drivers are a big fan of the Model 3 because of its affordable nature and top-tier range.

It comes with a gigantic touchscreen control center and minimalist design. The Long-Range AWD and Standard Range Plus RWD of this car are 353 miles and 263 miles, respectively.

Ford Mustang Mach-E

In third place, we have the Ford Mustang Mach-E has quite the fanbase with over 27,140 units sold. It comes in an array of configurations, which also includes the rear and all-wheel drive.

The Ford Mustang Mach-E has an estimated driving range of 305 miles. Its design style is similar to that of a mustang, and it comes equipped with a horsepower of 480.

This car is able to hit an impressive 60mph in just 3.8 seconds. It is one of the most sought-after new cars in the auto industry.

Will AAA Charge My Electric Car?

electric car charging cable
Although raneg anxiety is an issue with EV owners, it shouldn’t be an issue – you shouldn’t need to push your electric car!


Yes, AAA does charge electric cars, but it depends on where you reside. It’s advisable for you to enquire with the AAA because certain metro places in the US possess limited AAA services for mobile charging.

According to legitimate sources, AAA is expected to expand its mobile charging services in different parts of the United States. As the market for electrical cars is growing, there will be availability of more charging stations in the near future.

Soon, you will be seeking assistance in the nearest charging station for electric car breaks.

What are the Biggest Electric Car Companies 2022?

Electric Cars are the polar opposite of a conventional car or gas-powered vehicles that run on internal combustion engine. EVs are shaping the future and the geniuses behind them are:


Who hasn’t heard of this company? Even toddlers know what a Tesla is and the genius behind it i.e., Elon Musk. Tesla is one of the leading EV companies to have perfected the design and functionalities of electric vehicles.

Apart from manufacturing high-tech EVs, Tesla also takes pride in developing solar panels that are designed for both domestic and professional use.

Nikola Motor Company

This company is known for its electric semi-trucks. Their TRE BEV model in particular was a major market success back in 2021.

The truck can successfully travel over 350 miles and it possess a charge period of 2 hours approximately. Nikola is expecting to put up two new truck models in the market by 2023 and 2024.


Another company that manufactures EVs is NIO. Some of its top-selling models include the likes of EP9 and ES8.

These models get the tag of ‘World Fastest Electric Car,’ especially because of setting 2 lap records back in 2017. You can mostly find NIO cars in places like China, Germany, and Norway.

The company does have an R&D center located in San Jose, California.

Ford Motor Company

Ford Motor Company is known for its hybrid model of cars. A hybrid car relies on both electric motors and internal combustion engine for operating.

You can take it as combination of both a gas-powered car and an EV. But it’s nothing close to a regular gas engine car; let’s get that straight.

Ford is known for its all-electric vehicles as well. Their commercial cargo van called ‘E-Transit,’ is a popular choice among the car buffs, especially because of its varying roof height and length options.

Some Upcoming Electric Cars 2023

As 2022 is coming to an end, it’s only fair that we discuss some of the upcoming electric cars in 2023. You can expect features such as the electric vehicle batteries, power steering, kwh battery, neutral position, and similar setting to be levelled up to their highest potential.

Cadillac Celestiq

This EV is the new model to be released from the Cadillac company. The company’s intention for the car is to be the Cadillac of the EV community.

Celestiq is expected to have a gigantic display measuring up to 55 inches, along with a fancy design style that incorporates El Dorado Brougham elements.

Kia EV9

The next model from the Kia lineup of cars is the EV9, which is expected to launch on the platform of E-GMP EV. This model will be like the famous Telluride SUV but in an electric form.

Kia EV9 will possess about 330 miles in its driving range. You can expect this car to enter the market by the first quarter of 2023.

Hyundai Ioniq 6

Hyundai Ioniq 6 is a follow up model of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 on its E-GMP platform. It sports a larger sedan body shape and is expected to be incredibly energy efficient.

The car will possess a coefficient of about 0.21, which is quite low. Ioniq 6 will also get both dual and single motor setups.

You can expect the Hyundai Ioniq 6 to stock up its battery juice in a single charge within just 18 minutes. The kinetic energy of this car will have an impressive momentum.

Why Are They Pushing EV Cars?

black sedan EV being charge
Newer EV models have great style and help towards reducing reliance on fossil fuels


The US Government is pushing the EV car agenda in the country for all the right reasons. It will help in tackling climate change because of its environmental-friendly nature.

EV cars also require less maintenance and is drive-friendly for folks with range anxiety. Biden administration put forth the agenda that majority of the new cars sold in the United States should be electric based by 2030.

If you look at the recent changes in the last month, the ‘Inflation Reduction Act of 2022,’ was signed by Joe Biden into the law. This bill contains an intricate set of requirements where a lot of electric vehicles don’t qualify for tax credits up to $7500.

This act includes a multitude of energy and climate provisions. The transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg also agrees with Biden’s policies.

Can You Push an Automatic Car?

No, you can’t push an automatic car because of its transmission type. One can’t possibly engage an automatic transmission into the gear, and then proceed in disconnecting it from the motor for it to roll like a manual clutch.

You will end up destroying your car if you position it in neutral, roll it, and slam it to the gear. It is impossible to find this possibility in automatic cars made within the last 40-50 years.

The rear pump happened to be eradicated from the transmissions. which leaves the vital ‘Front Engine-Driven Pump,’ for supplying hydraulic pressure. Here, pressure is provided to the clutches, which are responsible for engaging the gears.

The rear pump supplies just enough pressure towards the transmission for allowing gear engagement and turning over the engine whenever it’s pushed or towed to the start.

Can You Tow or Push Electric Car?

Yes, it’s possible to tow or push an electric car that has been broken down on the side of the road. Just ensure that it’s set in a similar or neutral setting prior to pushing or towing it.

Is There an Electric Car Emergency Charger?

Yes, you can get a portable EV charger for your electric car. It helps to reduce range anxiety in EV drivers. It will be helpful for long trips, where people feel anxious about running out of battery juice.

This is similar to how a gasoline car requires a spare gasoline can for backup. We would advise you to get the J+ BOOSTER 2 Portable EV for emergency purposes.

What Happens If Your Tesla Dies in the Middle of Nowhere?

You need to call for roadside assistance for getting your EV to any of the nearest public charging stations. Unlike gasoline-powered cars, EVs tend to require electricity for operating.

A flatbed truck will soon be on its way to help you out. Plus, you can always whip out emergency EV charger to revive your Tesla.

Can You Push a Tesla?

You should never push a Tesla because the consequences won’t be pretty. Ensure that you resort to tow mode by getting a flatbed tow truck.

The tow truck will safely get your Tesla on board and get it to the nearest charging station. Once you charge your Tesla, you can easily reach your desired destination without any issue.

You will end up causing irreparable damage if you end up pushing it. Plus, your case won’t fall under the T&Cs set under the Warranty.

Can You Tow an Electric Car?

Yes, an electric car is capable of being towed. It will need to be towed like any other petrol-powered cars or gas vehicles as a result of a mechanical error or flat battery.

But there are electric cars that don’t respond well to towing such as all-electric cars, plug-in hybrids, and hybrid cars. You do have to be cautious in such instances and seek professional assistance in these situations.

For example, the popular Electric Nissan Leaf isn’t fit for towing.

Can You Push a Hybrid Car?

Not Really! Why? well, because a hybrid car comes with two batteries i.e., 12V and HV. If your 12V battery goes flat, then you need to either charge it or jump-start it.

Also, if your HV battery becomes flat, then regenerative braking won’t be successful as well. Push starting your vehicle won’t help in rebooting the computer.

Can You Jumpstart an Electric Car?

You most definitely can. But it’s a rare scenario since the power system in electric cars are built in such a way that the driver doesn’t have to deal with such issues.


Can an Electric Vehicle be Pushed?

Yes, you can push an electric vehicle, but it should be in neutral setting. Pushing an electric car is very rare, unless the juice from your battery pack runs out.

Plus, electric cars in general tend to give warning signs prior to running out of juice. So, you are in good hands if you ask us.

Can You Push a Broken Down Tesla?

Yes, you can but you shouldn’t. A Tesla that’s broken down shouldn’t be pushed to avoid further damages.

If your Tesla has run out of charge or came across some engine issues midway, then you should call for roadside assistance.

A flatbed tow truck will be on its way to carry and take your Tesla to the nearest charging point. The last thing you would want to do with this expensive car is to cause irreparable damage.

Can an Electric Car be Pushed in Neutral?

Yes, an electric car can be pushed while in neutral. You won’t have the power to take control over its steering wheel because there is no battery juice.

But it’s advisable to call for a tow truck to handle the situation in a professional setting. In this way, you avoid any chances of damaging your car while being stranded.

How Many Hours Does It Take to Charge an Electric Car?

An electric car may take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24+ hours. It depends on the following factors:

  • EV Model Type
  • Battery Size, and
  • Charging Point’s speed.

For instance, a typical EV with a 60kwh battery will require about 8 hours for a full charge at a charging point of 7kwh.

Key Takeaways

  • Electric cars can be pushed but it should be done in a neutral setting.
  • Tesla is the most popular electric car company.
  • A Flatbed tow truck should be used for towing electric cars.
  • Public charging stations are available to charge your EV.
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