What Is The Fastest Electric Car?

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Just because a car runs on electricity rather than gas, it doesn’t mean that it can’t reach impressive speeds.

There are many electric cars that can reach high speeds within seconds, just like cars that run on gas.

What Is The Fastest Electric Car

Today we’ll be looking into the fastest electric car created as of now. We’ll be looking at the fastest car depending on different requirements, so buckle up for this one.

Fastest Electric Car 0 to 60

The fastest electric car, when considering how long it takes for the vehicle to get from 0 to 60 MPH, is the Rimac Nervera.

It can reach 60 MPH from stationary in just 1.85 seconds, and its top speed is 258 MPH. That’s incredibly fast for an electric car!

The Nervera also reached 180 MPH in 9.3 seconds and can run 1/4 mile in only 8.6 seconds. These are incredibly short timeframes, making this the fastest electric car from 0 to 60 miles per hour and the fastest car to complete 1.4 mile in distance.

How Fast Does A Tesla 3 Go 0 to 60?

Many people make a misconception that Teslas are the fastest cars in the world. As we have just shown above with the Rimac Nervera, this is incorrect. However, the Tesla 3 is still an impressive electric car.

The Tesla 3 Long Range model can hit 0 to 60 in just 5.1 seconds. Meanwhile, the Model 3 Performance from Tesla can reach this speed from stationary in just 3.5 seconds.

Fastest Electric Car According To Acceleration

The quickest accelerating electric car is different to the quickest EV overall. Now that the Rimac Nervera has set the bar for the quickest electric car on the market, other manufacturers are looking to knock them out of the top spot.

For example, the Aspark Owl is a hypercar manufactured in Japan. It costs an amazingly high price at $2.5 million, but it also features head turning speeds.

There is a lot of debate on how quickly the Owl can reach 60 miles per hour from stationary.

Some people state that it only takes 1.69 seconds, while other sources agree that it takes 1.9 seconds. The general consensus is that the latter is closer to the truth, which is why we have still named the Nervera the fastest EV.

However, the Owl is still extremely impressive 0-60 in only 1.9 seconds. Its top speed is also 249 MPH, which is lower than that of the Nervera.

How Fast Do Electric Cars Accelerate?

While we have been talking about the fastest EVs on the market, these are not always attainable for most people as they are over $2 million in price. So, how fast is the average electric car, such as the Nissan Leaf?

Most electric cars on the market can reach 60 MPH from 0 in less than eight seconds, while some can get to this speed in only 3 seconds.

This is on par with how quickly gas-fuelled cars can go 0 to 60, as most of these models will also reach 60 MPH from 0 within eight seconds. This shows that modern electric cars are just as powerful and as fast as gal-fuelled cars are.

Fastest Electric Cars In The World 2022

Here is a list of the five fastest electric vehicles in the world as of right now in 2022:

  • Rimac Nevera
  • Aspark Owl
  • Tesla Roadster
  • Tesla Model S Plaid +
  • Automobili Pininfarina Battista

The fastest electric cars in the world include some of the ones that we have already mentioned. The Rimac Nevera holds its place at the top of the list with a top speed of 258 MPH, and the second place goes to the Aspark Owl with a top speed of 249 miles an hour.

Following the Owl is a Tesla, one of the car brands that many people consider to be the fastest in the world. The Tesla Roadster is incredibly fast, although it does not highlight specifics when it comes to its top speed.

Instead, the top speed is labeled as 250+ MPH. So, while it is faster than almost all other EVs, we cannot be sure as to whether it is actually faster than the Owl or the Nevera.

Its 0 to 60 speed is 1.9 seconds, so we are inclined to think that it is not faster, hence it being the third fastest EV on our list.

The fourth fastest EV is the Tesla Model S Plaid + with a top speed of 199 MPH and a 0-60 speed of less than 1.99 seconds. Again, as this is not very clear, we cannot be sure of the exact acceleration speed of this EV.

Finally, the fifth fastest EV in the world is the Battista by Automobili Pininfarina. This hypercar has a top speed of 217 MPH and can reach a speed of 60 MPH from stationary in less than 2 seconds.

Surprisingly, this car is much more expensive than the two Teslas we have mentioned above, with a price of $2 million.

What Is The Fastest Drag Car?

Drag racing is a sport where vehicles compete to be the first over the finish line after a race. Many people think that EVs cannot compete in drag racing, but they most certainly can.

It should come as no surprise that the fastest EV for drag racing is the Rimac Nevera. In fact, the manufacturers of this car – Rimac Automobili – took the hypercar to the Famoso Raceway drag strip in California and broke world records for a quarter-mile drag.

His time was just 8.582 seconds, with a top speed of 167.51 MPH.

Fastest Electric Car In USA

The fastest electric car sold in America is the Performance model of the Tesla Model S. This car can reach 0 to 60 MPH in just 2.4 seconds.

Which Electric Car Has The Longest Range?

Range is how many miles the EV can travel on a single charge. The EV with the longest range is the Tesla Model S, with a range of 405 miles. This is closely followed by the BMW iX, which has a range of 380 miles.


Overall, the Rimac Nevera is the fastest EV in the world with a top speed of 258 MPH. This is followed by the Aspark Owl with a top speed of 249 MPH.

The quickest EV you can purchase in America is the Tesla Model S Performance, which has a top speed of 162.8 MPH.

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