Why Do Electric Vehicles Cause Motion Sickness?

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Electric vehicles are not exactly a new concept in our world. How are they different from normal vehicles? 

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As the name suggests, it runs on electricity instead of gas. So in place of a gasoline tank they have a battery pack to power the vehicle. 

Electric cars might look like a better option, but nothing is perfect. In fact there have already been several complaints from electric vehicle users.

The leading complaint from electric vehicle users is that many of them have been feeling an intense sense of motion sickness. This can become a hassle if the electric vehicle is the primary mode of transportation in your daily life. 

Let us look at what exactly causes this motion sickness as well as at the advantages and disadvantages of using electric vehicles.

20 Reasons not to buy an electric car 

Here are a few reasons why many people still refuse to use EVs:

  1. Right at the beginning they are more expensive to buy than gas vehicles.
  2. The much coveted zero emission theory is quite the myth. While the vehicle itself might not emit harmful gases the power stations that power them more than enough make up for the emissions. 
  3. Recharging the cars still takes a lot of time, which is why many users dislike these vehicles.
  4. Electric cars are very high maintenance. They require a lot of electricity to power up. This will inevitably increase your electricity bills and require more frequent servicing than other vehicles. 
  5. Most cities lack the infrastructure that would ensure the smooth running of electric vehicles.
  6. The value depreciates a lot when you look to sell it after a while.
  7. Since they run on electricity the risk of electrocution is very high in case of accidents. Fire hazards have also been reported. 
  8. Motion sickness is a very common complaint among riders. 
  9. The range of these vehicles is a lot less than gas vehicles making it unsuitable for long drives.
  10. They are not a practical solution to most users. 
  11. These vehicles are heavier in weight than they look. 
  12. The batteries that these vehicles have get damaged pretty easily if not handled with utmost care. Replacing batteries is an expensive deal.
  13. The lower driving range requires frequent charging. But there are hardly any charging stations available worldwide. 
  14. Your home itself needs to be equipped to charge the vehicle, which makes it an expensive option. 
  15. Although the risk is not great, electric cars can cause health issues to long time users. 
  16. Limited market choice. There are very few suppliers of electric cars in the world right now. 
  17. Insurance cost is much higher as compared to gas run vehicles. 
  18. Although they require regular servicing the number of service centers up and running is frighteningly low.
  19. They have a lower storage capacity due to the placement of the battery packs. 
  20. They offer much lesser speed than gas vehicles. 

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Why do I get motion sickness in a Tesla? 

Tesla Car Charging Stations

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As mentioned earlier motion sickness is a very common complaint among electric vehicle users. To understand why this happens first we need to understand what motion sickness is and how or why it happens. 

Motion sickness is the nauseous feeling you get when you are moving in a vehicle or otherwise. Our brain needs to process the data it receives from our various sensory organs to determine whether we are moving or not. 

When our brain cannot process the data in time or receives contradictory information from the various organs, our body reacts by feeling sick. This is very common in electric cars like Tesla as the sudden turns, stops or accelerations cannot be processed by the brain fast enough. 

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Tesla motion sickness 

Tesla cars give us a smooth driving experience. They are efficient as far as fuel-consumption is concerned. However, due to the smooth driving, many people who are sensitive feel increased motion sickness as compared to other vehicles which run on gas. 

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Do electric cars affect your health? 

At first glance using electric cars instead of regular gasoline-run vehicles would appear to be a healthier option. This might be due to the fact that they are not using any fossil fuels. This in turn would mean that there is no emission of carbon or harmful gases.

But there are other health concerns which arise while using electric cars. The major risk factor is the emission of very low frequency electromagnetic waves from the formation of electromagnetic fields due to the electric motor of the cars. 

This being used over a long period can prove to be carcinogenic to the users of the electric vehicle. The emission of such waves is particularly risky for people who have devices like defibrillators implanted in their bodies as these waves can disrupt the device’s own electromagnetic field. 

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10 Reasons why electric cars are bad

Why are so many people still against the use of electric vehicles? After all they supposed to be an improvement over regular vehicles right?

Here are a few reasons why many people still refuse to use EVs:

  1. They are expensive.
  2. The maintenance cost is very high.
  3. Most cities are still not fully equipped to support EVs.
  4. Value for money is not too good.
  5. They run the risk of electric hazards.
  6. Many users complain of motion sickness. 
  7. They have lower range as compared to gas vehicles.
  8. Battery damage is a common complaint.
  9. Driving range is much lower than other vehicles.
  10. They need a specific setup in your garage which is expensive. 

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How do you reduce range anxiety in an electric car? 

Many suffer from range anxiety while using electric vehicles. This is nothing but the constant fear of running out of charge and getting stranded in the middle of the road.

This is worsened by the fact that there are not enough charging stations available for electric vehicles. The only way to go past this is by planning ahead.

Know how much charge you have and plan your route accordingly so that you get regular charging points in between. 

To sum up, the following are the key steps to decrease range anxiety in an electric car:

  • Proper driver training to use the regenerative braking system
  • Set electric vehicles to their proper tasks
  • Maintain your car well to reduce overhead charges later

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Why you should not drive an electric car? 

Are electric cars REALLY better for the environment?*

Electric cars are seen by many as the primary way of transportation soon. But there are many things you should consider before buying an electric vehicle.

The main factors you should consider are affordability and the infrastructure available in your city. In the long run the maintenance and electricity bills may far cross the bills you would have had to pay for your gas-run car.

And if your area does not have the proper infrastructure to support electric vehicles there is no point in investing in the same. 

Reference: https://www.energysage.com/electric-vehicles/101/pros-and-cons-electric-cars/

Why are people against electric cars? 

Many people are still opposed to using electric cars in spite of the environmental advantages that these cars offer. This is due to the various reasons like higher cost at the time of buying, lower range of distance, higher maintenance of the lack of proper infrastructure. 

Electric car headache 

Yes, many users have complained about headaches and dizziness from using electric vehicles. This could be due to either the radiations or the motion sickness that these vehicles cause. 

What is the biggest problem with electric cars? 

The biggest problem with electric cars is its lack of availability which increases the cost. The lack of proper infrastructure also affects the use of this option.

Tesla motion sickness – Reddit forum 

Tesla cars give us a great driving experience. Their fuel-consumption is great. However, due to the fast acceleration and the quick braking technology, motion sickness could be experienced. Alongside motion sickness, you could also experience other symptoms such as nausea, dizziness, palpitations, constant yawning, sweating, headaches, breathing difficulty and pale and clammy skin.

Electric cars are horrible 

Now this is a wild accusation and a premature opinion. You can never determine something’s worth without giving it enough time. With all its flaws, electric vehicles also carry a lot of promise for the future and upon improvement can become a viable option someday. Researchers are currently working on certain instruments such as vibration devices behind the ears to decrease motion sickness. Modifying the car’s settings to suit the driver of the car could also be in the cards to reduce motion sickness.

Reference: https://phys.org/news/2018-11-driverless-cars-sick.html

Can hybrid cars make you sick? 

Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid cars carry the environmental risk of gasoline cars as well as the health risks of electric vehicles. They are as such not a good option for the roads. 

FAQ relating to why do electric vehicles cause motion sickness? 

Why are gas cars better than electric?

As of now, most people consider gas cars to be a better option than electric cars. This is due to the affordability and ease of use and maintenance. 

What is the downside of electric vehicles? 

The main downside of electric cars is its difficult maintenance and lack of infrastructure. 

Will gas cars be worthless in 5 years?

No, electric cars will only increase in value in the future. Many consider them to be the future of locomotives. 

Will gas-powered cars ever go away?

It is highly unlikely that gas run cars will completely go away soon, as electric vehicles leave much room for improvement. But the goal is to replace them with electric cars in the future to reduce pollution. 

Key Takeaways

The key takeaways from this article are:

  • Electric vehicles are still not affordable or a viable option.
  • All electric vehicles cause increased motion sickness as compared to gas run cars. 
  • Electric cars may cause other health problems as well. 
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