How To Ride An Electric Bike?

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An electric bike is not altogether that different from riding an everyday pedal bike. You may still have to use gears, you will certainly still have to watch the road, and you can occasionally suffer a punctured tire too.

The main difference will be that the motor can offer up some really useful power when you require it. 

If you like to gain some elevation or want to indulge yourself on the commute then an electric bike is a good investment to consider. You may still want to learn how to shift gears and some general advice on riding an electric bike for the first time.

How To Ride An Electric Bike?

The added thrill of effectively being pushed up a hill is also something that you should know how to do.

In this guide, we will look at how to ride an electric bike.

How To Ride An Electric Bike With Gears?

Electric bikes are simply a bike with an electric motor and they tend to have gears that need shifting too. If the electric bike comes with drop handlebars, the shifters are often the same levers that can be used to apply the brakes. Simply push the lever to the side and you should hear a clicking sound.

For hybrid ebikes, you may have flat bars that mean you need to use set paddles with your thumb to shift gears. They may have a dial that can be found inside the area where you place your hands that is used to shift gears.

Turn the dial and feel those gears change. Just like a regular bike you should plan ahead by looking at the terrain for when you may need to apply a different gear. 

Shifting gears on any bike can be tricky so take your time to practice. If you are not sure which gears to use then use the easier ones for efficiency on the ebike and your knees.

You also want to ensure that you gradually shift gears as doing it too quickly may result in the chain being disconnected. You should also learn how many speeds your bike has as it can go from as little as three, up to seven, ten, and even 21.

How Do Electric Bike Shifters Work?

An electric bike has a more automatic means of shifting, also known as changing gear. The chain still changes but with electronic shifting, there is a distinct lack of cables.

The derailleurs can move the chain solely with battery power. Signals move from the shift levers to the motor that lies in each derailleur which effectively shifts the chain up or down.

Riding An Electric Bike For The First Time

When you first set out to ride an electric bike it can be quite daunting though it should not be. Like any new vehicle, you should take the time to learn how to ride it so take it to an area that you know does not tend to be too busy.

Try riding with the motor off and test how easily you brake, turn, and shift gear. The overall balance when you are on the electric bike is important too, especially when you move from low gears to high ones while traversing a hill. 

Is Riding An Electric Bike Easy?

They say you never forget to ride a bike and the good thing is that a lot of electric bikes are quite similar to riding. They may be heavier due to the motor so shifting gears while stationary is not advised.

Apart from that, you can quickly come to grips with the different speeds and use the boost that the motor gives you when you need it, perhaps going up a hill.

How To Ride An Electric Bike Uphill?

How To Ride An Electric Bike?

If you want to tackle the hill without any assistance at all then use it in pedal-assist zero mode which essentially means that the motor is off.

This is great for a workout yet with pedal assist modes you can use the throttle to start off then let the motor do the hard work to get you up the hill without having to pedal much at all.

You could also use the full-throttle though this may drain the battery quite quickly so that is only advised for the most challenging of hills or when you are nearly at the end of your ride. 

How Steep A Hill Can An Electric Bike Climb?

Hills can be daunting for any cyclist yet an electric bike can really make light work of them. If you occasionally struggle with hills then with an excellent motor on an electric bike you can turn on the power and tackle most steep inclines.

You will still need to pay attention to the terrain, the traffic, and any obstacles in the bike’s path. However, several motors can hit a speed of 55mph meaning you can quickly get up that hill. 

Can You Ride An Electric Bike Without Pedaling?

Short answer, yes, that is if the electric bike has a throttle. When you put the electric bike into full-throttle you have the option of not pedaling at all.

That could be in the form of a thumb throttle or a twist throttle though it should have several pedal-assist modes too. Not all electric bikes have the throttle option as some simply use pedal-assist modes so you have to pedal for a short time until the motor kicks in and helps.   

Can Electric Bikes Charge When You Pedal?

Alas, no. The electric bike cannot be recharged by your pedaling so you should be careful how much you use the battery. Unless you are going up hills or want to gain some speed, you do not necessarily need to use the motor.

Try to think of the electric bike as a pedal bike with the bonus of a motor just in case you need it.

Final Thoughts

There are few differences between a regular pedal bike and an electric bike. The motor is the one component you should pay attention to as it assists your riding and how you change gears.

Steep hills can be comfortably ridden in pedal-assist mode or at full throttle though you should be careful not to drain the battery. Take your time to learn the basics but after that, you should be able to ride an electric bike successfully. 

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