The 6 Best E-Bike Storage Solutions For Home And Garage

Whether you have a trusted, electric pedal bike or a snazzy mountain bike with electric assistance, leaving your e-bike out in the weather unprotected is not going only to make it rust over time.

But you will find that changing weather conditions will affect the electrics of all styles of bikes.

Bikes with electric parts do need a little more care than normal bikes to ensure they stay in top condition for a long time. 

The 6 Best E-Bike Storage Solutions For Home And Garage

This also means storing your e-bike in the best way possible.

There is a wide range of bike storage systems on the market that help to keep your electric bike safe as well as protect it from the weather.

You can use affordable waterproof covers, floor or wall racks, or get specially designed bike sheds. 

In this article, we explore the different options for electric bike storage space and what you need to do to store your bike the right way.

We found the top six e-bike storage solutions that work with one or more bikes, including custom systems that can work anywhere in your home.

We've also added some additional information on how to store your electric bike and the bike battery safely.

Waterproof Storage Covers For Your E-Bike

One of the basics that you will find everywhere is that you should store your e-bike somewhere cool and dry. This prevents rust and damage to the electrical parts of your bike.

The ideal temperature for storage as well as running your e-bike is between 32 and 68 Fahrenheit.

If you can't store your electric bike anywhere inside your home or in a garage, then you are left with leaving it outside.

To keep the worst of the weather away from your bike, you can place a sturdy cover on it. This should keep the bike relatively dry.

However, when you live somewhere with high humidity, the cover isn't your best option as moisture can build up underneath. Trapped moisture is a terrible breeding ground for rust spots on the bike.

If you find that it's been raining a lot or it's humid, you should check inside the cover regularly, and wipe away any built-up moisture.

But using a bike cover is not only a good idea for the times you have to store your e-bike outside.

You may want to consider placing a bed sheet or any other light cover over your bike when it's stored inside the house. This keeps the worst of the dust off.

[amazon fields=”B08QRF8NX3″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This dust-proof bike cover sits in the affordable medium-price range and you can cover up to 2 bikes with it.

It comes with elastic hems and windproof buckles so you can make sure that it covers your e-bikes properly.

Customers loved that it was quick and easy to install, and they found the cover useful for storing their bikes inside the house.


  • One year warranty - For peace of mind
  • Waterproof - Keeps the bike dry preventing rust
  • Windproof - Ensures the cover stays in place even when it’s windy outside


  • Covers only 2 bikes

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TeamObsidian Bike Cover

A slightly more expensive e-bike cover but we found the quality speaks for itself. The cover is heavy-duty and fully waterproof.

Customers noticed that it's quick and easy to throw over your electric bike as it has two front and back loopholes to fix the cover to your bikes.


  • Two-year warranty - In case of manufacturer faults
  • Heavy-duty and waterproof - Withstands harsh weather conditions preventing rust growth
  • Covers up to 3 bikes - Perfect for all the family
  • Different sizes available - So the cover fits your bike


  • Covers only 2 bikes

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[amazon fields=”B098PYT567″ value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This practical bike hanger from Dirza weighs just 5 pounds and allows you to install your bike horizontally on stud or concrete walls.

This horizontal wall mount has foldable arms that can be collapsed when it's not in use. It also has soft rubber handles so your bike doesn't get scratched.

Customers who bought this bike rack found it easy to install and straightforward to get the bike on and off.


  • Works for adult bikes as well as kids bikes - Ideal for all the family
  • Holds electric bikes with a weight of up to 66lbs - Suitable for traditional and electric bikes


  • Can only store one bike per bike hook

Vertical Electric Bike Racks

These handy storage racks are ideal when you want to store your e-bike on the wall vertically.

The biggest benefit with a vertical bike rack, compared to a horizontal one, is that it takes a reasonable little space away. For this reason, vertical bike racks are loved by everyone living in an apartment.

You can install them on masonry or wood, so they are ideal for inside your home or in your garage. Some people even hang their electric bikes on the door with this type of mount.

While a horizontal wall mount only usually allows space for one bike, some horizontal wall racks can hold up to 6 bikes at one time.

This can vary depending on the type of bike you have. Electric mountain bikes, for example, may take up more space because their wheels are bulkier.

As a rule of thumb, heavier bikes with a thick frame and motor usually need more space on a rack.

Saying this, it's one of the major disadvantages of vertical bike racks. It's much harder to lift a large electric bike to hang it.

When you are looking to buy a vertical e-bike mount, you should also consider how far it sticks out with the biked on top.

Sometimes a few inches can make a big difference in being able to open a door or parking your car.

TORACK Bike Storage Rack

You can mount up to 6 e-bikes with the Torak bike storage rack. One of the more sturdy vertical indoor bike racks, we found that it fits even 4.4-inch thick tires.

A big plus with this vertical bike rack is that you can adjust the hooks left and right to fit different size bikes on the same rail. This was also the feature most customers loved.


  • Suitable for 6 bikes - Plenty of space for all your family bikes
  • Variable hook width for different types of bikes - Suitable for whatever bike you have 
  • Soft, padded hooks - Prevents scratches


  • More expensive compared to horizontal bike racks

You can also buy this e-bike rack from Amazon

Garage Floor E-Bike Racks

For everyone who has some space available in their garage, this freestanding bike storage solution is one of the best.

A garage bike rack is ideal for bulkier electric bikes because you don't have to lift them. These racks usually also fit up to 5 electric bikes.

The majority of garage floor stands are straightforward to use and you can adjust them for your bikes.

All you have to do is to slide the front wheel into the rack and you are done. This also makes getting it out much faster.

Unfortunately, floor racks for your garage will not save you any space, and they only work if you have plenty of space in a garage.

[amazon fields=”B08GBTSF5Y” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

With this floor bike stand, you don't run the risk of hurting your back because there is no lifting of the bike needed.

This floor rack fits up to six bikes of different types, including kids bikes and electric bikes with a tire width of a maximum of 2.5".


  • Made of sturdy steel - This makes it durable and long-lasting
  • 5-year warranty - Peace of mind in case of manufacturer faults
  • Variable for front and back wheel - Fits adult and kids bikes easily


  • Doesn't fit e-bikes with thick tires

Also Available At

Outdoor Sheds For Electric Bikes

This storage solution is great for everyone with a little more space. A shed designed specifically for bikes means it's going to fit one or more of your electric bikes.

A plus is that you likely won't need a bike lock when you securely lock the shed to keep the bikes safe. 

Outdoor sheds for electric bikes are often big enough to store up to 6 e-bikes. This also allows you to free up some space in the garage or your home.

There are many great storage sheds for bikes available but we would recommend a durable metal or resin shed which comes with secure locks. Alternatively, you can also add more locks for additional security.

ShelterLogic All Season Steel Outdoor Storage Shed

This ShelterLogic storage shed is made of a steel frame with a waterproof cover. We found it's very quick to install thanks to the easy rail sliding system that clicks all the frame elements together.

Customers noticed that the included anchors to secure the shed to the ground are temporary, and it's worth buying some more durable anchors.


  • Fits a couple of e-bikes - Dry storage shed with space for 2 bikes 
  • Easy installation - Quick and easy to assemble
  • 1-year warranty - Peace of mind if there is a manufacturer fault


  • Does need an additional tarpaulin in very windy conditions
  • No locks

Also Available At

Bike Pulley Storage Systems And Ceiling Racks

If you want to get your bike completely out of sight, then hanging it up on the ceiling is an ideal solution.

Bear in mind though that these pulley systems for your garage ceiling are usually more difficult to install, and you need to find some way to lift your heavy e-bike.

We recommend that any ceiling storage system you purchase is made with good quality parts and ideally should be installed professionally to ensure it's secure.

We found that often using stronger bolts, ropes, and screws is a must-have to secure a bike pulley system. Don't be afraid to replace these parts of your system if you feel they won't do the job.

This may sound over the top but remember that having a 60-pound electric bike hanging above your car or a place where you could stand means that you need to be extra cautious.

But the pulley system doesn't just need to hold the bike, it also needs to withstand the forces of lifting it up and down. This can be a big ask, especially when you use your e-bike frequently.

This also means that your electric bike isn't as easily accessible as with a horizontal bike rack or bike storage shed.

[amazon fields=”B06XGMSDCP” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

While this overhead pulley system is originally advertised for use with kayaks, it's strong enough to hoist an e-bike. 

It comes with two ceiling hoists, rubber-coated hooks, and ropes. The alloy steel hooks are sturdy enough to lift to 125 pounds.


  • Holds up to 125 pounds - Ideal for all e-bikes
  • Easy installation - No hassle installation
  • Rubber coated hooks against scratch protection - Prevents scratches to your bike


  • Ensure that the ropes work for your e-bike

Also Available At

Floor To Ceiling Bike Storage

Somewhere between a ceiling storage system and your floor bike storage, floor-to-ceiling columns provide a more flexible option, and in part more secure than ceiling pulley systems.

As these columns are fixed between the ceiling and floor, they are a very stable solution, although they may not work with very high ceilings.

However, they are not just practical but create a real decorative feature in a room.

[amazon fields=”B00ITNK66S” value=”thumb” image_size=”large”]

This spring-loaded tubing system is made with lightweight aluminum but it holds an impressive 160lbs.

Simply extend both sides and wedge it between your floor and ceiling. Then put your e-bikes on.

This floor-to-ceiling bike storage solution can fit up to 2 bikes (you could store 4 bikes but would need to buy more hooks as this set only includes hooks for 2).

As they are stacked, the bike at the bottom is a little easier to remove so we would recommend putting a heavier bike further down.

Like with the wall-mounted bike racks, this column storage rack has adjustable arms that can fit with any size bike.

Customers loved that this bike column was so simple to set up and found it to be a stable solution to store their bikes.


  • Holds up to 160 pounds - Ideal for even the heaviest electric bike
  • Super easy installation - Takes only a few minutes to fit between your ceiling and floor
  • Adjustable to your ceiling height - Adapts to your ceiling
  • Elegant and decorative - It’s an impressive decorative feature in your home


  • Doesn't fit high ceilings
  • More expensive than wall mounted bike racks

Also Available At

E-Bike Storage Furniture

This is a little more of an unusual concept. It's storage furniture that you can use for all sorts of larger items, such as your electric bike.

Most of these bike cabinets are custom-made. If you enjoy DIY, this could be a really interesting project to get your teeth into.

Some are just a few boards of wood stuck together, while others are more complex with different shelves.

We would recommend spending a little bit of worthwhile research time to find what fits you, and especially your space.

Here are some interesting ideas for a simple wooden bike cabinet.

Preparing Your Electric Bike For Storage

There are a few things you should do before you store your e-bike, particularly if it's going to stay in storage for longer.

Here are our top tips for storing your electric bike.

Cleaning Your E-Bike

One of the best ways to keep your electric bike running for longer is to clean it regularly, and each time before you store it for longer.

Yes, electric bikes are a little more tricky to clean than the average bike but once you get the hang of it, you can put the sparkle back into your back in just a few minutes.

For more specific cleaning instructions, we recommend checking your e-bike manual. This will also give you an indication of how water-resistant your bike is.

How To Clean Your E-Bike?

It may be tempting to simply use your garden hose or a jet wash but this can damage the electrics, and it might even contribute to the growth of rust.

We suggest you use a damp microfiber cloth and a good bike shampoo that's suitable for plastics.

Alternatively, you can also use a soft brush to scrub the bike. You must be careful with a brush to avoid any scratches.

If you aren't going out on your e-bike every day, it's good practice to wash your bike after each ride. This will ensure that no grime or dirt gets stuck on the bike's surface.

When you use water for cleaning your electric bike, take extra care around the electrical components, especially the motor.

Ideally, you should remove the controller display and the battery before you start cleaning the bike.

Similar to a traditional bicycle, keeping the chains clean and greasing them a little now and then can prevent rust from growing, and it'll also give you a much smoother riding experience.

Maintaining Your Electric Bike

Just like frequent washing, regular maintenance is essential with electric bikes.

Generally, an e-bike needs a good clean and the chains need to be lubricated.

E-Bike Clean, Protect & Lube Kit

All bikes require quality care to maintain their value and functionality. And electric bikes simply need a little more, as well as added caution when it comes to cleaning important components.

The best way to get your e-bike maintenance covered is by using a kit. Especially when you have an electric bike for the first time, you need to find out what products work for this particular type of bike.


  • Specifically designed for e-bikes - You don’t have to buy an extra kit to match with your type of bike
  • Safe on all-electric bike surfaces - Doesn’t cause damage to your bike
  • Instruction video included - The video shows how to clean and care for your e-bike the right way


  • Ensure that the ropes work for your e-bike

Store The E-Bike Battery Separately

If you are not using your electric bike for a while, then storing your bike battery separately from your bike is important.

E-bike batteries are usually lithium-ion batteries, and these need to be stored in a dry and cool place for the most effective use.

If you leave an electric bike battery out in the heat or a climate with high humidity, you'll find that the battery will not charge properly anymore and it runs low more often.

Although you should keep the battery somewhere where it's cool, don't go too extreme (e.f. fridge or freezer). Somewhere in your home is fine.

Bear in mind though that before you pop your battery back into the bike you should warm it up to room temperature.

Keeping inside the house does not only keep it safe from the dreaded moisture outside but it's also better protected from thieves.

The theft of e-bike batteries happens a lot more often these days as they are the most expensive part of an electric bike, and can easily be removed from the bike.

In addition, we also recommend not to leave your e-bike battery on the charger for too long after it has been fully charged. 

This can extend the lifespan of the battery and the battery charger significantly.

Locks And Safety Bike Storage

We already mentioned that e-bikes are more vulnerable to theft. Particularly, some of the more expensive bikes attract thieves.

As a rule of thumb, the more expensive your book, the more expensive your bike lock. There is no point in spending a lot of cash but only a few bucks on a lock.

You'll need to protect your e-bike whenever you don't ride it. Whether that's when you drop into a shop and you need to secure it to a lamppost, or at home.

When you have to keep your bike outside, the most secure option is a lockable bike shed or garage to store it.

Alternatively, you can also use a good-quality bike lock and place a cover over it. Ideally, you should lock the bike to something solid, such as a fence or a metal pole.

Wherever you lock your bike, it's a good idea to take the battery with you. This means it can't get stolen.

And if you don't use your electric bike that often, you can also check out some storage units near you to keep it safe from thieves and the weather.

Storing Your E-Bike Inside Your Home

As mentioned already, e-bikes are a popular target for thieves, so storing your bike inside the house is not just good for the bike itself but also gives you peace of mind.

If you use your bike regularly and you find it difficult to have it around (especially if you live in a small space), then it's worth considering a wall mount, so it's not directly in your way.

When you bring your e-bike inside for the first time, it's good to think about what corner of your home you use least. Try to store it there for a while and see how this works.

If you won't take out the bike for a ride for a while, then you can even remove the battery, wheels, and handlebars. This takes away some of the bulkiness.

However, if you do then want to use the bike, you will have to put it all together, which can be a bit of a hassle, especially if you feel like you just want to take it around the block for a spin.

In case you do not have any space inside and you need to store your bike outside, try to keep it away from any water and direct sunlight.

You should also avoid places anywhere near sprinklers or a pool. Even if you store it in a shed, it's a good idea to put a cover over the bike to keep the dust-out.

How Does E-Bike Storage Compare To Standard Bike Storage?

Although electric bikes seem to have a similar frame to traditional bikes, some clear differences impact how you can store them.

E-bikes are much heavier and as they have more parts than your normal bike, they are also bulkier. This makes them difficult to move around and lift.

You need more sturdy racks and lifting systems, and as electric bikes also take up much more space due to their larger frame and electric components, a wall-mounted rack can be the best space-saving storage solution.

Another consideration is that you may want to store your bike near your battery, especially if you ride frequently.

That isn't a concern with your traditional bicycle at all.

Finally, your electric bike storage should also take into account the electrical components of the bike and how you can store them (in the same space or somewhere else).

Frequently Asked Questions

How Safe Is My Bike Storage Space?

Amazingly, 50% of electric bikes get stolen. That's not because thieves are more clever but because storage sheds and locks are just not strong enough.

Although sometimes bikes are taken from inside an owner's home, having a strong and sturdy lock is an absolute must-have to keep your bike secure.

How Do I Store My Ebike In My Garage?

If you are lucky enough to have some space in your garage, the best option to store your bike there is either a floor stand or a wall mount rack.

Floor racks are the easiest way to store your e-bike in your garage as it keeps the bike easily accessible, and it usually doesn't require any installation.

You can even store more than one bike with a floor bike stand.

How Do I Winterize An Ebike?

There are four easy ways to winterize your ebike and prepare it for storage. First, you need to clean your bike thoroughly. You can use a special electric bike cleaning kit for this.

Then lubricate your chain to keep it running smoothly when you get it out of storage again.

When you put your bike into a storage space, make sure that you remove the battery from the bike port and store both e-bike and battery in a cool and dry place.

Is It OK To Hang An Ebike?

Hanging an electric bike can be the most practical solution for anyone short of storage space. 

However, you do run the risk that the bike may fall if you do not secure it correctly. Use sturdy hooks and durable rope.

It's also a good idea to regularly check the hooks and ropes to make sure they can still carry the heavyweight of the electric bike.


With all the many options for e-bike storage, you have plenty of choices. You can either decide to keep your bike inside your home and store it with a wall or ceiling mount. 

Or if you have more space in your garage, you may want to consider a floor stand that requires no installation.

If the only space you have available is outdoors, you can choose to keep your locked e-bike under a cover or buy one of the aluminum frame bike storage sheds.

It's good to remember that an electric bike is an investment that is worth protecting from harsh weather conditions and thieves.

With the right storage solution, you can ensure your bike is safe and you can enjoy many more rides in years to come.

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