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Electric bikes have slowly gained popularity in the last few years, and are well worth it for their ability to allow people to ride without overexerting themselves. The ease at which you can travel while enjoying the ride itself is wonderful, especially for the elderly or those who may not be able to ride standard pedal bikes. 

This has led to many companies, both new and old, rapidly manufacturing and selling the bikes in order to capitalize on this new, niche market. As such, there are now many groups who are considered the leaders in the electric bike industry. 

Pedego Bike Models – Prices compared

Pedego Bike Model

Pedego Model Price

Comfort Cruiser – Electric Beach Cruiser

From $2495

Interceptor: Platinum Edition

From $3995

Interceptor – Electric Cruiser Bike

From $3495

Boomerang: Platinum Edition

From $3995

Boomerang – Low Step Electric Bike

From $3495

Avenue – Electric Commuter Bike

From $1995

City Commuter: Lite Edition

From $2295

City Commuter Mid Drive Edition

From $2995

City Commuter: Platinum Edition

From $3995

City Commuter – Electric Commuter Bike

From $3495

Trail Tracker: 24″ Edition

From $2995

Element – Fat Tire Electric Bike

From $1895

Trail Tracker – Electric Fat Tire Bike

From $4495

Ridge Rider – Electric Mountain Bike

From $4495

Tandem – Electric Bicycle Built for Two

From $3695

Stretch – Electric Cargo Bike

From $4295

Which company makes the best electric bikes?

Pedego is a name that crops up again and again when people talk about electric bikes. Founded in 2008 by Don DiCostanzo and Terry Sherry, the company has become a tour de force in the bicycling industry, but are their bikes really worth buying? More importantly, are there bikes worth the money?

In this article, we will explore the Pedego bikes and answer the question of whether they are worth the expense of buying one.

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What are Pedego Bikes?

Pedego is a brand of electric bicycle that has become the biggest electric bicycle brand sold in the United States today. Currently, there are over 60 branded stores available to purchase from and they are always looking for more places to become part of their franchise.

How Do Pedego Bikes Work?

Since Pedego bikes are electric bikes, they use the same methods of both pedal power and an electrical motor to power the vehicle.

When the electric motor is engaged, power is generated and sent to the rear wheel of the bike which is then propelled forward. This allows them to provide assistance during your commute or while riding around town.

They also come with a battery pack that is charged via a charging station using the same electricity as your home. When fully charged, the batteries can keep the bike running for up to 50 miles (80 km) before needing to be recharged.

What Do Pedego Bikes Cost?

Typically, a cheap electric bike can set you back about $500 and the most expensive of electric bikes can be up to $8000, which is a huge range in price that, even on the lower end, dwarves the cost of a regular bike. 

Pedego electric bikes are unfortunately quite expensive as well, with the least expensive being the Element – Fat Tire at $1895 and the most expensive being both the Ridge Rider and the Trail Tracker at $4495 each. While this may be a middling range when it comes to this industry, it is still a hefty price tag for the average person. 

Are They Worth the Money?

Most people would say: yes, Pedego bikes are worth the money you pay for them. These bikes were designed to be user friendly and be of the best quality for the customer.

This isn’t just something that people say either, it is a reputation that Pedego have built over the past few years and it is one that they seek to maintain. 

A Closer Look at Pedego Bikes

Nobody is just going to accept that Pedego bikes are worth shelling out thousands of dollars just because of a reputation and a few comments made by others.

People most often want to know why something is worth buying, so in this section we will detail for you the pros and cons of purchasing a Pedego electric bike. 

Where are Pedego bikes made?

Pedego ebikes are marketed world-wide but are manufactured in Vietnam, Taiwan and China

Pedego Bike Pros

As you’d expect for a bike at this price, there are quite a few pros to Pedego. The first is that all the materials and internal components are of the highest quality. These quality components mean that you will not be spending a fortune on replacements. 

The battery and the motor are incredibly powerful for an electric bike as well, and they can go up to 60 miles before a recharge. If the average speed of a cyclist is between 10 and 20 miles an hour then that could last between 3 and 6 hours, which is a long time. 

The bikes come with options and accessories as well. This can range from throttles and speed settings to wide tires and hydraulic disc brakes. Although the bike can be accessorized, the frame is set in an easy to ride low step that focuses on geometry. 

Finally, the customer support from Pedego is one of the best there is and they are always ready to lend a hand. This extends to the dealer network, which works directly with Pedego HQ to make sure your experience is a good one. Every bike also comes with a 5 year warranty, so you should never run into any issues after purchase. 

Pedego Bike Cons

Unfortunately, there are a couple of cons which off-set the numerous pros to Pedego bikes. The first one is obviously cost. Pedego bikes are more expensive than standard bikes brands and even most electric bike brands. They are certainly not the most expensive, but they are still above most. 

The bikes also weigh a ton. At 50 to 60 lbs, they are much heavier than the heaviest type of bike – the mountain bike at about 30 lbs. As such, once you run out of power, it can wear on you to keep moving this heavy bike by yourself. 

The final problem with the Pedego electric bike is that the variation and ability to change almost anything in the bike can mean some things are not automatically integrated into the bicycle itself. This leaves you with the task of doing this which is not ideal, especially when it is the battery. 

Do I Need a License to Ride a Pedego Bike?

If you are in the United States, then most probably. In almost all states, some kind of license is needed to ride these kinds of bikes (electric ones) and that law is regularly enforced.

This is because electric bikes have some kind of motor and this motor can cause a bike to reach speeds up to 30 miles per hour, which makes it a hazard to pedestrians. Therefore, check your state’s laws on licenses, before purchasing an electric bicycle. 

Where Can I Ride A Pedego Bike?

Most states will not allow people to ride electric bikes on the sidewalk in any circumstances, due to the motor that powers them. However, they will also not allow electric bikes on the highway or freeways, due to the fact that the riders are exposed and in grave danger in these areas. 

Often, the only places you are allowed to ride electric bikes are in the streets of towns or cities and on private roadways. The riders of electric bikes are subject to the road laws in these areas to protect pedestrians, and in these areas they can also be kept safe from other larger vehicles.

Conclusion – Are Pedego bikes worth the money?

To the question whether a Pedego bike is worth the cost, most people would argue: yes, it is. There are certainly many pros to owning a Pedego electric bike compared with other brands, and the customer service means that you don’t have to worry about something going wrong.

If you think that this would be a worthy purchase, then definitely buy one and if you are still having doubts there are a lot of reviews to look at to see whether it is right for you, but we don’t think you’ll be disappointed with a Pedego purchase. 

Key takeaways about Pedego electric bikes – are they worth the money?

  1. Electric bicycles have a wide variety of performance and Pedego performs well in terms of quality, value, range and speed
  2. Pedego enables people of all ages to climb steep hills with ease
  3. Price range is mid to high, reflecting the quality of the bike construction
  4. Most Pedego e-bikes have hub motors with torque sensor, rather than a mid-drive motor for efficiency and advanced pedal assist technology
  5. Top speed is around 30 mph and are good for long distances up to 60 miles (80 kms) on a single charge
  6. Hi-tech suspension ensures great ride quality – safety is assured with hydraulic brakes
  7. Features: Powerful motor (rear hub motor): as comfortable as traditional bikes: high quality lithium batteries used (high battery life): maximum speed of 30 mph: one of the largest electric bicycle brands
  8. Compares favorably with Rad Power Bikes
  9. Pedego electric mountain bikes with fat tires and low-step frames are perfect for all-terrain use
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