Swagtron Board Reviews

The industry of Light Electric Vehicles (LEVs) is absolutely booming like never before. Years ago, the team at Segway changed the idea of what personal travel could be like in the future.  Fast-forward to 2022, and now you can see LEVs of all sizes, styles, and shapes, being used by young and old alike. As people …

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Segway Reviews

Segway looked to revolutionize the way in which people travel when they launched their first product in 2001. It was the now-famous Segway HT, or Segway Human Transporter, a self-balancing two-wheeled personal transporter that looked like something out of the future.The Segway HT caused quite a stir as people were a mixture of amazed, curious, …

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Lectric E-Bike Review

In recent years, electric bikes have become more and more popular. They offer a convenient way to get around without having to worry about traffic or parking, or breaking a sweat on the way to work. They do, however, they also come with some drawbacks.  In this article, we will specifically be looking into the …

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