How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go?

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The question of how fast do electric scooters go can mean something different to kids and adults.

For kids, 10 MPH is plenty while they find their way around the neighborhood. Adults should feel comfortable going a lot faster, yet even then a top speed of 25 MPH may be enough for a metropolitan area.

There are certain models that can even compete with motorcycles and cars with speeds upwards of 60 MPH and even 70 MPH.

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go

With those speeds should come hydraulic suspension and braking systems with tires that can offer exceptional traction. You may also find yourself comparing the performance of electric scooters to that of their gas-powered counterparts.

The electric scooter is already proving to offer great flexibility for riders of a wide range of ages and capabilities. With technology improving, how fast an electric scooter can go may get even more impressive.

Electric Scooter Maximum Speed

A lot goes into creating the maximum speed of an electric scooter. Some of the more lightweight, portable scooters will be more affordable and comfortably hit a top speed of 15 to 20 MPH. Up to 25 MPH should mean a strong acceleration combined with decent hill-climbing capabilities while still remaining affordable and portable.

The further up you go, the more exceptional the acceleration should be as should the suspension to cope with those higher speeds at around 35 MPH. Going higher than that should mean that the brakes improve and you should certainly consider looking out for full hydraulic ones if the electric scooter can hit 45 MPH.

Around 50 MPH and above, the design can get closer to that of a motorcycle with hydraulic suspension, hydraulic brakes, and an impressive range to go with the speed.

Is 25 MPH Fast For An Electric Scooter?

The ideal speed for an electric scooter is one that you feel more comfortable with wherever you are riding it. There is an argument that electric scooters at 20 MPH are an ideal combination of speed and maneuverability for riding getting around a busy city center and metropolitan area.

Certainly, being able to stop to a halt when you need to should be easily done and going faster than 20 MPH may prove problematic.

A speed of 25 MPH should be attempted when there is a long stretch to drive across, little traffic, while paying full attention to the road.

However, the average speed of an electric scooter is typically around 15 MPH for a reason. Most riders are comfortable with that speed to get around where they want to without feeling like they are hitting a dangerous pace.

Fast Electric Scooter For Adults

There is a certain need for speed that an electric scooter can serve. Simply from hitting the throttle then racing off can really set off the adrenaline. Some electric scooters can offer more reserved speeds, specifically when aimed at children.

If you can consider 15 to 30 MPH as an ideal bracket for first-time riders to learn at a comfortable pace then 30 to 45 MPH is just about right for intermediate riders. Anything above 45 MPH should be for advanced riders and those who can find their way across multiple terrains while remaining safe.

There is currently one electric scooter brand that is creating designs that provide some serious thrust. Ola Electric has two models that can hit truly sensational top speeds.

First, there is the Ola S1 which can hit 56 MPH (90 KPH) and if that does not impress you enough then you can go further. The Ola S1 Pro goes even faster and has a top speed of 71 MPH (115 KPH).

What Is The Maximum Speed Of An Electric Scooter?

While you may not want to go head-to-head with a four-wheel vehicle, you may still want to know which electric scooter can go the fastest. For blistering power and torque, you should take a look at Dualtron as a brand of choice. Their X 2 can hit 68 MPH and has a range of 93 miles which can compete with a lot of cars.

Then there is the Dualtron Storm Limited which goes even faster at 75 MPH and has an even more impressive range of 137 miles. Not only is it fast on the road but fast at charging while proving formidable at hill climbing.

How Fast Do Scooters Go At 50cc

There are some relevant comparisons to be made between electric scooters and gas-powered scooters. Both can provide leisurely rides if you live in a densely populated area and both can give you the freedom to commute to work quickly. Of course, one of the main differences is in the top speed.

How Fast Do Electric Scooters Go?

A 50cc scooter typically has a top speed of 30 MPH (48 KPH) which might not sound excessive but is comparable to what you can expect from an electric scooter at the moment. This is ideal for inner-city travel as you should not expect to go faster than 30 MPH in a congested area.

How Fast Is A 125cc Scooter?

If you wanted to truly hit the ground running then you can opt for a 125cc Scooter. Though relatively petite, the bikes can easily hit a speed of 60 MPH (96 KPH). Should you want a little more power for your money then there are models from Japanese manufacturers such as Kawasaki and Yamaha that can hit 65 MPH (105 KPH) and 70 MPH (112 KPH).

For even more power you should look out for a four-stroke engine and the Honda Forza 125 which can reach 80 MPH (128 KPH).

How Fast Does A Razor Electric Scooter Go

There are electric scooters that are aimed at adult riders which are designed to get you comfortably from A to B. They do a solid, dependable job yet if you wanted an electric scooter to introduce a few more thrills into your riding then a Razor Electric Scooter should be considered.

The Razor E300 Electric Scooter has a specially-designed deck with a 250-watt chain-driven motor capable of a cruising speed that hits 15 MPH (24 KPH). That high-torque and electric punch is top of its range and is pretty exhilarating to experience too.

How Fast Does A Kids Razor Electric Scooter Go?

Kids still want to go fast yet, naturally, manufacturers like Razor have developed electric scooters that can be thrilling to ride with lively colors to show off. The Razor E100 Electric Scooter is designed for kids from the ages of eight and up.

If you are aware of Razor’s electric scooters you may be concerned about how fast this one can go. However, the top speed has been curtailed to 10 MPH. That’s still relatively quick yet is an appropriate speed to reach for kids at that age.

Final Thoughts

Kids may be excited to get an electric scooter, even one that can only go 10 MPH. With the right safety precautions and knowledge of the road, you can find an electric scooter to go even faster. That should only be applicable if you are comfortable with the speeds you are going.

Opting for an electric scooter that can hit 65 MPH probably is not ideal if you live in a congested city center and require the scooter for the commute. At that speed you should be trying it out on long stretches of road and even seeing if you can conquer the odd hill.

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