How To Fix A Hoverboard?

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Like any electronic device, a hoverboard can experience some technical difficulties. Many can be easily fixed if you know which buttons to press and for long. However, other issues can cripple your hoverboard so that it fails to function properly.

Perhaps the hoverboard fails to turn on, refuses to turn off, or simply cannot charge up.

Any of these issues mean that you cannot simply use the hoverboard as you want to and you will have to check it. Even a problem as significant as water damage can be resolved at home, as long as you have the right tools.

How To Fix A Hoverboard

Knowing how to fix a device such as a hoverboard is a great way to look after it. Try to keep it out of harm’s way and out of any serious downpours and that one piece of kit can last for years.

How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Turn On

Should your hoverboard fail to turn on then there may be some damage to your charging port, it may even be disconnected. To check for this problem, unscrew then remove the bottom of your hoverboard and examine the charging port wires.

They should be plugged in properly but if they are not connected then this is likely the problem. To fix this, you should opt for buying new cables.

Is There A Reset Button On A Hoverboard?

There is no reset button on a hoverboard, but you can reset it. Much like any electrical appliance, you can recalibrate your hoverboard once it is turned off. Ensure it is at a sitting level on its wheels and that it is level with the ground.

Keep your hoverboard still then press and hold down the power button for around ten seconds, at this point a red light may appear. This should reset your hoverboard so it can be turned on.

How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Turn Off

It can be truly frustrating when you cannot turn a hoverboard off. Especially when you have finished with it and want to reserve the battery for next time.

If there is a continuous beep from your hoverboard and you have tried the power switch multiple times then there is a fix. Like any battery-powered appliance, a running battery will eventually run out.

As soon as you have realized that the hoverboard is failing to turn off, you should get off it yourself. If the beeping is continuous then you will want it out of sight and out of earshot so find a garage or a cupboard where you can keep it for a few hours.

Depending on the battery capacity, and how long you were using it, it could be a while before the battery runs out, but when it does, the hoverboard will eventually turn off.

Why is my hoverboard not turning off?

The main reason why a hoverboard refuses to turn itself off is typically because the internal circuits have deteriorated.

There may be an incessant beeping that can be resolved by unscrewing the many screws on the bottom of the hoverboard to find the battery and then disconnect it.

Unfortunately, there is no standard fix for the internal circuits and you are better placed replacing them with a specific repair kit for that model.

How To Fix A Hoverboard That Won’t Charge

A hoverboard that will not charge is a significant problem that is rather straightforward to check. Plug in the battery charger and the red light should indicate that the battery is charging.

Unplug it after the few hours it typically takes the hoverboard battery to fully charge and turn it on, if it turns on then it should be good to ride. However, if there is a blinking red light then the battery is defective.

If you suspect that your hoverboard is failing to charge as it should then, alas, there is no quick fix. The easiest way to fix the hoverboard is to replace the battery. Simply check the model, order a new battery and install it which should solve the problem.

How Do I Know If My Hoverboard Charger Is Bad?

There is one specific check you can perform to evaluate if your hoverboard charger is working as it should. Most hoverboard battery chargers should go red for a few minutes, even if the battery is completely full.

If it goes green when you go to plug it in then that is usually a sign that the battery charger is defective.

Should you know someone with the same hoverboard or a compatible battery, test the charger and if the same problem occurs then that should be treated as proof.

How To Fix A Hoverboard That Has Water In It

Electronics and water do not mix. If you are caught in the rain you ought to power down as soon as you can.

Get into a dry location and use a screwdriver to check the internals for any water accumulation. With the power off, you should disconnect the battery and if it seems damp, do not fret.

Should any liquid get into your battery or motherboard then that can be a serious issue but it is redeemable.

Like any electronic device such as a smartphone, you can always remove it carefully, unplug it, then keep it in a bowl of rice for between 12 hours and a full day.

Once the most important components have been dealt with you can grab a paper towel and dab the inside of your chassis then leave it to air-dry overnight.

The motherboard and battery should be dry enough to be returned to the chassis and connected, hopefully when you switch it on everything will be fine.

Can You Ride A Hoverboard In The Rain?

While the hoverboards in Back To The Future II needed some extra power to travel across water, the technology is not quite there yet. Hoverboards are still designed to be ridden and that means in the rain as they are built with water resistance in mind.

That means that they should be able to withstand some light drizzle though you should check the IP rating to see how heavy a downpour they are designed for.

Final Thoughts

Hoverboards can be a serious investment but they do not need to be risky. That means knowing what checks to perform if you think that something has gone wrong. Perhaps the internal circuits have deteriorated or the battery connectors have failed.

With a trusty screwdriver, you can examine the internal workings of a hoverboard chassis and know how to fix it or when to order new parts.

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