How Many Hours Does A Tesla Battery Last When Fully Charged?

As a general rule of thumb, the average tesla battery has a range of about 300 miles on one charge. At a constant speed of 50 mph, a Tesla battery will last 6 hours. Total Tesla battery life by warranty is 8 years, at which time the battery capacity should be more than 70%. Assuming an average commute time in the United States of 0.5 hours per day, 8 years is the equivalent of 5840 hours driving.

If you are thinking of purchasing yourself a Tesla, the important thing to remember is how many far and long journeys are you planning on taking using your new Tesla.

This is because a lot of Tesla beginners often get caught out and confused with the switch from gas mileage to an electric battery, struggling to wrap their heads around just how far they can travel on an electric battery.

How Many Hours Does A Tesla Battery Last?
How many miles can a tesla battery last before charging?

This is called range anxiety – when EV drivers are concerned about getting caught in the middle of a journey with a dying battery and no way to recharge. However, this is a rare occurrence as Teslas are able to travel for well over a hundred mile on a single charge.

But if that reassurance is not enough for you, let’s take a look at just how long a Tesla battery lasts.

Tesla Battery Models

The important thing to remember is that with each model of Tesla, there is likely a different kind of battery included in its design. This means that not all Teslas are equal when it comes to range – so it’s important to keep this in mind when searching for your ideal Tesla.

How Many Types of Tesla Cars Are There?

There are currently four main types of Tesla models. These are the Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model 3, and the Tesla Model Y.

The Tesla Model S is the oldest of the models as it was first launched way back in 2012, and Tesla have continued updating the Model ever since.

There are different versions of the Model S including the Long Range Plus and Plaid while the older versions Standard and Performance were dropped. They are often styled like Jaguar cars with a low, smooth design.

What is the most popular type of Tesla?

The Tesla Model 3 is the affordable alternative to the Model S ,and is a four door sedan that first launched in 2016.
The Tesla Model X is an SUV capable of seating up to seven people and takes a lot of inspiration from the Model S

The Tesla Model Y is an electric SUV that offers a lot of cargo space and protection for family-sized occupants, providing a great amount of comfort and room on all journeys.

How long does a Tesla battery last?

What Battery Options Do I Have When Buying a Tesla?

Tesla does not state the size of their battery packs publicly so all everyone has to go from is the range of each car when it is fully charged.

You won’t have much luck when trying to find the exact details of Tesla batteries so if you want to find out how long they last, take a look at the range of each car per single charge.

Do Teslas Use Normal Car Batteries?

Tesla batteries are lithium ion to allow them to be recharged. They work differently from the batteries on internal combustion engine vehicles as you can hardly plug those into an outlet and charge them up like a smartphone.

However, Tesla does use the same kind of battery that is used by all EVs.

We do know that Tesla have announced that they are moving away from using cobalt which other EV batteries rely on, and are moving to a battery unit that will be made up of nickel and magnesium, making these batteries more affordable.

How Long A Tesla Battery Lasts When Fully Charged

Let’s get into the real crux of this article – how long a Tesla battery lasts once it’s fully charged. We now know that each model has a different amount of range so this means that each Tesla car is going to have a different answer.

So, let’s go through each Tesla model to see how long their batteries last.

How Long Does a Tesla Model S Battery Last?

On a single full charge, the Tesla Model S will drive for 405 miles. That’s more than enough distance for your daily commute!

Although Tesla does not say how long that lasts when measured by time, driving 405 miles at 70 miles per hour consistently will take you nearly six hours.

How many miles does a Tesla Model S battery last?

Traveling at such a speed obviously requires more power than traveling at slower speeds so this time frame is the absolute minimum of how long your Tesla Model S battery will last on a single charge. For casual driving, we expect a single charge should easily last for 8 hours.

This outstrips the other Tesla models so if you want the Tesla with the longest battery life per charge, the Tesla Model S is the one for you.

How Long Does a Tesla Model X Battery Last?

As for the Tesla Model X, it can travel around 305 miles on a full charge. If we say you are traveling at a constant speed of 70 miles per hour, that distance will take you nearly four and a half hours to cover. The difference between the Model S and the Model X is around an hour and half, showing how superior the battery on the Model S is.

How Long Does a Tesla Model 3 Battery Last?

The Tesla Model 3 is known for having the least amount of range on a single charge. This vehicle can travel for 267 miles which when traveling at 70 miles per hour, this distance would take you nearly four hours.

This by proxy means that the Tesla Model 3 has the shortest battery life per charge.

How Long Does a Tesla Model Y Battery Last?

The Tesla Model Y averages at about 316 miles on a single charge. If you were to travel this distance continually at 50 mph the battery would last 6 hours.

How many miles can a Tesla battery last: batteries compared

Tesla Model

Battery Size in kWh

Range in Miles

Battery weight (lbs) 

Number of cells

How long can battery last at 50mph?






8 hours






4.4/7 hrs






7 hrs






5 hrs




9 hrs






5 hrs

Replacing Your Tesla Battery

Replacing your Tesla’s battery shouldn’t be a hassle, so let’s take a look at all the things to keep in mind when your Tesla’s battery can no longer keep up with you.

How Long Does a Tesla Battery Last Before Replacement?

Tesla claims that their car batteries last between 300, 000 to 500, 000 miles which takes the average driver around 20-35 years to drive.

Again, just like with the battery life of a single charge, the life of your Tesla’s battery overall depends heavily on the way you drive and how often.

How Long is Tesla’s Battery Warranty?

Tesla offers a battery warranty that lasts for 8 years, or a certain amount of mileage depending on the model, with a minimum of 70% retention battery capacity.

This warranty covers repair and replacement if there are any defects or imperfections in the battery, whether it’s the materials or the workmanship, which has occurred under normal use.

This means that if your battery starts failing not long after you have bought your Tesla, you should be offered a brand new working battery for no extra cost.

How Much Does a Tesla Battery Cost?

If your warranty has expired and you need a new battery for your Tesla, it will be down to you to arrange a replacement.

Due to the cobalt they contain, EV batteries like the ones used in Teslas are not very affordable and can set you back between $20,000 and $35,000 depending on the size of your battery.

However, with Tesla now moving away from using cobalt in their car batteries, this cost should start to decline once the newer models are released.

How Long It Takes To Charge A Tesla Battery

The big issue with Teslas and other EVs is how long they take to charge.

Although how long a battery takes to charge does depend on your method of charging, a lot of Tesla drivers are tempted to just stop charging their car when it has enough juice to get them to their destination and back – so perhaps you don’t even need to use a full battery every time you drive.

Take a look here at how long it takes for a Tesla battery to fully charge, and see if you can afford to cut the time in half.

Does the Tesla Model Affect How Long it Takes to Charge?

Yes but very slightly. This is because the battery size on each model is different, hence why there are different ranges for each car. So, it makes sense that some models take longer than others to fully charge but the difference is not as bad as you think.

In reality, the way you charge your Tesla makes more of an impact on charge time than the model of your Tesla does.

How Many Ways Are There to Charge a Tesla?

There are three main ways to charge a Tesla.

The first is to use the provided Mobile Connector cable to plug your Tesla into a regular outlet you can find anywhere, including your home.

The second is to use a Tesla wall connector or a third party charging cable that provides more power than the Mobile Connector.

The third method is to use a Supercharger, a place where you can charge your Tesla up fully for a small price. They act like gas stations but for EVs and Teslas, but are only found near large cities.

How Long Does a Tesla Battery Take to Fully Charge?

The charge time for a Tesla battery depends on the method of charging and the model of your Tesla, if it’s one of the long range models.

When using Tesla Superchargers, the charge time is roughly around 30 minutes for all the cars because Superchargers are great at powering up batteries in electric cars very quickly.

However, using wall connectors does take a lot longer and this is where we start to see a difference in charge times.

How long does it take to charge a Tesla at a charging station?

The charge time of a Tesla with a larger battery like the Model S long range takes 9 hours when using a wall connector. Smaller batteries used in the Tesla Model X, Model Y and Model 3 take between 7 to 8 hours.

So even if the Model S electric vehicle is the longest lasting battery out of the Tesla cars, it is also the longest to fully recharge.

ConclusionHow long does tesla battery last per charge?

Trying to estimate how long a Tesla battery lasts in terms of time can be difficult as battery life is better explained in miles of range when it comes to vehicles.

This can help drivers understand how far they can travel so they can plan for long journeys in advance.

However, this data does correlate so we can assume that a Tesla with a larger battery like Tesla’s Model S will be the longest lasting as it has the furthest range.

How long does a 100% charge last on a Tesla?

We can estimate that it lasts around 8 hours from full charge to dead when used for casual driving with normal charge cycles.

Other Tesla vehicles that feature smaller batteries are estimated to last for a shorter amount of time but this depends on your driving as well.

But the best way to know for certain is by using the diagnostics on your Tesla’s control panel. It will tell you how much distance your battery has straight away so you know if you need to recharge for longer journeys or if you will be fine.

Although it does not tell you an estimate in time, by giving you an estimate in distance this will help tesla owners more when it comes to planning your journeys and commutes.

Key takeaways relating to Tesla fully charge battery driving time

  • Unlike gas-powered cars, electric vehicles display battery charge in terms of estimated miles range available
  • Performance models using lithium-ion batteries and the latest associated battery technology have reduced range due to the demands of heavier acceleration on the electric motor
  • The good news is that Tesla charging stations throughout the United States take the stress out of range anxiety
  • Electric car batteries last between 8 to 10 years, but a lithium-ion battery will function for a long time, particularly if charged slowly using a home charger
  • The condition and charging capacity of a used Tesla kWh battery pack is the biggest factor to be aware of and get tested professionally
  • Battery cells on new vehicles have maximum capacity, which reduces by up to 1.5% each year, depending on charging time
  • The Tesla driver with a standard range model can increase range by up to 20% with careful driving and spare use of the brakes
  • Tesla battery replacement cost is between $13000 and $20000, depending on the models. Average cost is $15000
  • Tesla supercharger stations can charge your car up to 200 miles in 15 minutes: the best option when travelling long distances.
  • Tesla’s Model S battery range is approximately 380 to 500 miles (not in extreme temperatures)
  • Tesla’s Model S battery life is about 400000 miles. The ultimate life of the battery depends on driving style and charging speed/number of charging cycles
  • Continuous fast charging significantly contributes to a more rapid battery degradation
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