How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last Before Replacement?

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If you are considering an electric car then you need to consider the range. How far the car can go and how long for on a charged battery. This is essential for a long drive as you do not want to be caught short, miles away from your final destination.

Even just an extra five miles can make a massive difference. 

How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last Before Replacement (1)

You should also know how much the battery is expected to degrade without charging and over its lifespan. The battery in a Tesla should outlast the car itself which may be good to know too before you ever consider replacing that battery. 

How Many Hours Does A Tesla Battery Last

The battery in a Tesla is a key consideration when you are thinking about buying one or want to know more about its capabilities on long journeys.

If the average lifespan of a typical combustion engine that you would find in a regular car is 10 years (87660 hours) or around 200,000 miles then you should be able to make a quick comparison with a Tesla. After all, the projected lifespan of a battery should be a similar story.

The new technology available to Tesla is changing all the time yet the company has claimed that the battery should outlast even the car itself. Similarly, they also claim that the car should last for about 200,000 miles though the batteries should last for far longer.

For instance, Models Y and 3 should last for 400,000 miles with 20% battery degradation coming after at least 10 years though that can occur up to 15 years (131490 hours) after you bought the car. Models S and X fare even better as they should last for 500,000 miles before experiencing 20% battery degradation and that should be after 15 years. 

How Does A Tesla Battery Degradation Calculator Work?

Several factors go into working out when a Tesla battery should begin to degrade and at what rate. The best way to check your battery is straight after a drive with the battery still warm.

You can calculate the available battery capacity by yourself by checking the AVG consumption, the Projected range, and the Percent which are all available on the Energy screen. 

The Battery Management System (BMS) works out the Projected range so multiply that by the AVG consumption then divide that figure by 1000 to work out the amount of driver available kWh currently in the battery. If you then divide that figure by the Battery Percentage as a decimal (65% becomes 0.65), that will give you the converted amount of available kWh once the battery is fully charged.

You should be aware of the total and usable capacity in kWh of your Tesla so you can match them up with this figure and find out how much your battery has degraded. 

How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last When Fully Charged?

Once you leave your home, you should be mindful of how far you take your Tesla. Especially in certain areas where finding facilities to charge an electric vehicle may be few and far between.

Thankfully, a Tesla car battery should last for at least 267 miles when fully charged. The longest range is around 375 miles after a complete charge.

A range of 267 miles is still well-merited and can be found in the Model 3 Standard Range. In comparison, the Model 3 Performance can go for 315 miles while the Model 3 Long Range goes even further for 334 miles.

A similar range can be found in Model Y with their Performance design being able to hit a range of 303 miles which is exceeded by the Model Y Long Range at 318 miles. 

It is a similar story for Models X and S. The Model X Plaid can complete a range of 313 miles while the Model X can go for 332 miles. If you want to go a little further then look out for Model S Plaid which has a range of 348 miles, yet for the most available range go for Model S at 375 miles. 

What Happens If A Tesla Runs Out Of Battery?

Should you get close to the end of your Tesla’s range then you should be made aware of it, that is part of the beauty of a smart car. If you were to glance at the Tesla display, in the top left corner there is a battery icon.

It should be near the speedometer and indicates how much battery life is left. Green is optimal, yellow is a concern while red indicates that the battery is almost completely drained.

Even then, the Tesla should offer some warnings in the minutes before the car finally stops. In fact, the Tesla will actively suggest nearby charging points to get the battery replenished. You will also be advised when you have gone further than the nearest charging point which is a preventative measure. 

In extreme cases, there are some extra miles on offer which Tesla calls a ‘buffer’. These are around 10-20 miles that go beyond your range so only use them when you absolutely have to as the car will slow down on its own then put itself into parking.  

How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last Without Charging

Should you go on a vacation, you may be worried about how long the Tesla battery will last when you have not charged it. On a Tesla Model 3, you can expect only 5% battery drain if you leave it for 12 days unplugged.

Such an amount works out at less than half a percent a day so you can leave it unplugged for quite a while and still have some battery left for a drive. 

How Long Does A Tesla Battery Last When Idling?

If you leave your Tesla on while occupied, you may be surprised at how long it can last. On a Tesla Model 3, you can expect it to keep the interior temperature at 65 degrees for up to two days.

That equates to losing around an average of 2.2% of its charge every hour. Such a duration is quite comparable to a gas-powered car. 

How Long Do Tesla Cars Last?

Tesla batteries are expected to last between 300,000 and 500,000 miles though the batteries are expected to outlast the cars themselves. A warranty from Tesla should last for eight years with at least 70% of its battery capacity though the expected mileage for each model does differ.

What Is High Mileage For A Tesla?

To work out an average, you should find out what the highest figure is. The highest mileage of a Tesla has been found to be 932,256 miles which is an impressive milestone of 1,500,000km. This was a Tesla Model S P85 in Germany and gives you an idea of how far a Tesla can go. 

Final Thoughts

Tesla really does know what they are doing with their car batteries. With such exceptional mileages and eight-year warranties, you should expect to go for relatively long trips without worrying about finding a charging point.

Though if the battery is running low, the Tesla should be able to give you a full advance warning.

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