How Much Is A Hovertrax?

Looking to buy your first hoverboard? If you have been researching and browsing self-balancing hoverboards, you might have come across the Hovertrax.

How Much is a Hovertrax?

Hovertrax hoverboards are among the most popular hoverboards on the market. Hovertrax is a trademarked name, and these hoverboards feature patented technology that sets the Hovertrax line-up apart.

If you are wondering what Hovertrax is or how much a Hovertrax costs, this guide is here to tell you everything you want to know. 

Down below, we explain Hovertrax hoverboards, the differences between Hovertrax hoverboards and other hoverboards, and how much you can expect to pay for a Hovertrax.

Make sure to keep reading to find out everything you want to know about Hovertrax hoverboards.

What Is A Hovertrax?

So, first of all, what is a Hovertrax?

Hovertrax are trademarked hoverboards manufactured by Razor. Razor is an American company that has made hoverboards for more than a decade, in addition to electric scooters and other personal transporters.

Some consider the Razor Hovertrax to be one of the first hoverboards ever released, as well as one of the leading hoverboards on the market in terms of innovation and technology.

The Razor Hovertrax isn’t just a single product, but a line-up of hoverboards. The Hovertrax has seen various editions since it was first introduced, each offering different features and a variation on the name.

What Is The Difference Between A Hoverboard And A Hovertrax?

The main difference between a Hovertrax hoverboard and all other hoverboards is that Hovertrax hoverboards are manufactured by Razor. Hovertrax is a trademarked name that refers to Razor’s Hovertrax lineup of hoverboards.

More specifically, however, the Razor Hovertrax uses patented technology, called EverBalance. EverBalance auto-balances the board, or foot platform, on which the rider stands, so that it stays parallel with the ground. This makes the Hovertrax hoverboard easier and simpler to ride.

For some, self-balancing hoverboards can require some time to learn and get used to. But the Hovertrax has technology that was designed to make hoverboard riding easier and quicker to learn.

How Do You Ride A Hovertrax?

Riding a Razor Hovertrax hoverboard is the same as riding any other self-balancing hoverboard. The rider stands on the foot platform and operates the board by applying pressure to the foot pads in the direction they want to move.

To move forwards, the rider presses down their toes. To move backwards or brake, the rider leans back on the heels. Turning direction is a matter of pressing down on one of the foot pads only.

With a Hovertrax, however, the auto-balancing EverBalance technology features powerful, advanced gyroscopes made by Razor that are designed to assist the rider. Hovertrax hoverboards level themselves out, keeping the hoverboard parallel to the ground.

So, How Much Is A Razor Hovertrax?

Now that you know what Hovertrax self-balancing hoverboards are, how much is the Razor Hovertrax?

There are, in fact, different types of Hovertrax hoverboards. The price will depend on which Hovertrax hoverboard you decide to buy.

Currently, the Razor Hovertrax lineup includes the Hovertrax 2.0, Hovertrax Prizma, Hovertrax X-Ray, Black Label Hovertrax, and the Hovertrax Lux.

Each of these is marketed to ages 8 and up, so the Hovertrax is ideal for kids and adults alike.

Overall, the general price (MSRP) of the Razor Hovertrax is between $270 and $320. This equates to around the average price of an entry-level to mid-level hoverboard when compared with other hoverboard manufacturers.

How Much is a Hovertrax?

Currently, the Hovertrax Prizma, Hovertrax X-Ray, Black Label Hovertrax, and Hovertrax Lux are around $270.

The Hovertrax 2.0, on the other hand, costs around $320. This is because the Razor Hovertrax 2.0 is considered the original flagship Hovertrax (the successor of the Hovertrax 1.0 and Hovertrax 1.5), which has more power and more features for advanced riders.

The Hovertrax 1.0 and Hovertrax 1.5 are no longer in production, but may be purchased second-hand or from third-party hoverboard stores and dealers.

Is Razor A Good Hoverboard Brand?

Razor is considered to be one of the best hoverboard brands you can buy. Razor is one of the first hoverboard manufacturers, and also one of many hoverboard manufacturers that have led other brands to follow in terms of technology and design.

While there are other hoverboards that feature similar auto-balancing or gyro-sensor technology to Razor’s patented EverBalance technology, Razor EverBalance remains the original that is being ever improved with each new Hovertrax hoverboard release.

Razor Hovertrax hoverboards might be more expensive than some of the more budget-friendly hoverboards on the market but, with Hovertrax, you can be sure you are getting a premium hoverboard product from a trusted brand.

Do Razor Hovertrax Explode?

Some of the controversy surrounding self-balancing hoverboards is whether they explode. Simply put, this means that the hoverboard overheats and catches fire, or splits open and leaks. 

The first-ever hoverboards released were known to explode due to defunct batteries and poor design, and there have been certain Hovertrax hoverboard models recalled by Razor due to potentially posing a risk.

Despite that, it is safe to assume that this is a rare occurrence. Hoverboards have widely improved since they first came out, both in design and safety, and Razor, in particular, remains to be seen as one of the best hoverboard brands you can buy.

To avoid this risk, it is worth making sure that you purchase your Hovertrax hoverboard from a genuine seller – either directly from the manufacturer or from a recognized hoverboard dealer. It is also possible to check the serial number to be sure that you received a general product.

Furthermore, always charge your hoverboard using the original manufacturer charger plugged into a suitable wall socket. Using a cheap charger or trying to charge your hoverboard in an unconventional way may lead to damaging the hoverboard and putting yourself at risk.


To summarize, the Hovertrax hoverboard prices range from $270 to $320. The Hovertrax 2.0, the flagship Hovertrax and the most popular in the Hovertrax lineup, is currently the most expensive.

The Hovertrax Prizma, Hovertrax X-Ray, Black Label Hovertrax, and Hovertrax Lux are cheaper with fewer features than the Hovertrax 2.0, all of which were designed for younger audiences and beginners.

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