How Much Does a Razor Hoverboard Cost?

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Hoverboards are self-balancing scooters that allow you to move forward or backward at high speeds. They are great for urban travel, and many people have taken to them as a fun activity to do with their friends. 

Since the time when the patent was developed in 2013, people have been buying the product in droves. Even celebrities such as Jaime Foxx and Kendall Jenner have endorsed them. But when you look at brands of hoverboard, there is one that stands out as readily available and of good quality. These are, of course, the razor hoverboards. 

How much does a razor hoverboard cost?

However, people are wary of parting with their money for something that has only come on to the market in recent years, they generally want to know it has been tried and tested by others first. This is especially true when it comes to knowing about the cost of such things. 

To allay these fears, we will give you the rundown of a razor’s hoverboards cost, so you don’t have to look for yourself. 

How Much Do Hoverboards Cost in General?

The price range of hoverboards actually varies quite a bit. A sturdy and safe hoverboard can be made and sold for around $100 at the cheapest price, but the best and most expensive hoverboards can go all the way to $700. This is quite a difference in price, but these aren’t the only two prices. 

You can normally find a hoverboard for any price in between these two as well, making the market quite saturated with potential purchases. 

Why Do Hoverboards Cost So Much?

The range of cost of hoverboards seems strange and almost nonsensical, but there are reasons. Part of the reason is competition between companies to lower prices due to patent disputes, but the main reason is the construction itself.

You can easily make a safe and complete hoverboard and sell it for cheap, which is what some companies do. The materials and internal components are quite cheap and by lowering certain aspects in quality, you can keep the cost down – like, having a lower battery life. The converse to this is that the most expensive hoverboards are made of the best materials and have the best options for longer use, hence the higher price tag. 

How Much Does a Razor Hoverboard Cost?

Razor USA is one of the big names in hoverboard manufacture, and they have sold an extraordinary number of boards. They are not one of the companies that make lower quality boards, but they also want their boards to be accessible to the wider public. As such, they have maintained a balancing act directly in the middle, trying to get the best of both worlds.

Of the five electric hoverboards that Razor produces, four are sold at $269.99, which is also their lowest price for a hoverboard. The one other board that they produce is the Razor Hovertrax 2.0, and it is sold at $319.99.

What Do I Get for the Price of a Razor Hoverboard?

Even with being a middling cost for a hoverboard, you may think this could be cheaper. As such, it is worth noting what you get for this price in order to justify its purchase. 

The first thing to note about this particular brand of hoverboard is that it is designed for children above the age of 8, not for teenagers or adults, as such some of the features may not be for you.

The main thing to note is that it has a maximum speed limit of 8 mph, which for children is great, as you do not want them speeding off on the 30 miles per hour models that exist. It also has two riding modes: training and normal, to give your child all the help they need.

The battery life on the $269.99 models will last for up to 40 minutes, and for the Hovertrax 2.0 it will last for up to 1 hour. While this may seem a little short, the razor boards have light and color displays to make them more appealing to children and so parents can see exactly where they are. 

Lastly, you can choose the colors and design that your child will like, and it has a 90-day warranty to ensure any breakages can be fixed easily and without stress. 

Where Can I Buy a Hoverboard?

It is surprisingly easy to buy a hoverboard in the world today. If you wanted to specifically buy a Razor USA brand hoverboard, then the best place would be on their website. Still, many big retailers will stock lots of different hoverboards in store, not just specialist toy or hobby shops. Walmart, Best Buy, and Target will have hoverboards in store most of the time. 

If you wanted to order one, then the best place would be They offer a huge variety and will often deliver within one or two days. 

How Can I Get A Razor Hoverboard Cheaper?

The best method to get a hoverboard cheap year round is through coupons or online deal codes. Many companies will offer coupons through email in order to entice you to buy more products, and expensive purchases often have the biggest markdown. Installing a deal searcher on your device, like Honey, can also save you some money, as they will find the deals or coupons for you. 

The other way you can do it is through patience and waiting for the right times. Often online retailers will have daily or weekly deals going on, and at certain times of year there will be a considerable markdown. The two biggest days for this are Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These may not be the easiest days for purchasing products, but if you are quick and lucky you can get a good deal. 

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Hoverboard?

Unfortunately, the answer is: it depends. Most hoverboard repair shops will ask for a deposit – sometimes up to $100 – and then you will have to come back in several days to see if they could repair it. Depending on the damage, it might cost much more than that. Therefore, it is best to get a warranty from the actual place you bought the board itself, that way you can send it back to the company you bought it from if it ever needs repairs. 

How Long Do Warranties Last for Hoverboards?

Almost all companies that offer warranties for hoverboards, including Razor USA, have a fixed warranty on the board of ninety days or three months in total. Even though it is shorter than most laptop warranties, this is actually great for a device that is going to be used regularly outside and be subject to wear, tear, and weather conditions


Razor hoverboards are a great first hoverboard for kids. They are safe, offer a smooth ride, and, above all, do not cost a ridiculous amount of money to ride. If you are considering buying a hoverboard for your child, then you should pick a brand you can trust, like Razor.

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