Are Hoverboards Waterproof?

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Hoverboards are great fun that you can ride almost anywhere. However, they also require a large investment. Due to this, you should get as much information on them as possible before making a purchase. 

You might be wondering whether you are free to ride your hoverboard near water. Most hoverboards do come with a waterproof rating of IP54, which would indicate that they are water resistant, but not waterproof. 

Let’s look into whether hoverboards are waterproof or not below. 

Big wheels help a lot for riding in adverse weather conditions

Can You Wash A Hoverboard?

Yes, you can wash a hoverboard. It’s best not to submerge the board fully in water, but you can use water and soap to keep each part clean and working effectively. 

The most important pieces of the hoverboard to keep clean are the wheels, the shell, and the LED lights. 

The wheels can be washed regularly with water and a brush. Mild soap can be used on stubborn stains that water isn’t tough enough for.

For the shell, wipe it down with a damp cloth to avoid too much water getting into the electrical components. You can also use the same damp cloth to wipe over the LED lights so that you can continue riding safely at night. 

What Happens When A Hoverboard Gets Wet? 

Hoverboards are powered by a motherboard that allows you to ride it without any effort on your part. This is a great feature for people who want a carefree way of traveling. But what happens when you get water on your hoverboard? 

If you’re lucky enough for the water to have just graced the external surface of the hoverboard, nothing should happen. Most hoverboards are designed to be used outside and therefore are water resistant with an IP54 rating. 

However, if water has gone into the hoverboard and reached the motherboard, it might stop working altogether. This means that you won’t be able to ride it until it is fixed, if the damage is reversible. 

Are Hoverboards Waterproof?
Surface water is OK if not too deep

How To Stop A Hoverboard From Beeping After Getting Wet?

Some hoverboards are made with an internal alarm that will signal when water has reached the motherboard, compromising its ability to function. If your hoverboard has gotten wet and has started beeping, this is an indication that you need to amend the situation before the water does too much more damage. 

How Do I Make My Hoverboard Stop Beeping?

To stop the alarm that is notifying you that something is wrong within the hoverboard, you should be able to turn it off quite easily. 

Simply press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds. This should end with the hoverboard powering itself off. The beeping should stop and the LED lights might illuminate and flash. 

Leave the hoverboard alone for a few moments while it resets itself. You can now press the power button and turn it back on. 

It’s worth noting, however, that if you turn it back on and there is still water compromising the electronics, the beeping might start back up again. To avoid this, fix the hoverboard of water damage before turning it back on. 

How To Fix A Hoverboard That Has Water In It?

When your hoverboard gets wet, you’re going to want to act quickly to prevent any permanent water damage from occurring. The most important thing to do when you’re aware of water within your hoverboard is to turn it off straight away. 

Now you should disconnect the battery just in case there is any residual power flowing through the electronics. 

Most hoverboard users swear by putting their motherboards in rice once it has been compromised by water. Unplug the motherboard and leave it in a deep bowl of rice for at least 12 hours.

You can do the same for the co-boards, such as the sensor boards and the gyroscopes, and the battery. 

While these parts are being dried in uncooked rice, dry the rest of the board off with paper towels. Dry all of the cables and their tips too. Now leave the board open and airing for 24 hours so that it can completely dry before reconnecting the electronics. 

Once you have waited for all of these parts to dry, reconnect everything securely and turn on your hoverboard to see if it still works. 

If the hoverboard doesn’t turn on at all, you might have to accept that you’ll need to order a new one. If it does turn on, however, but does not work properly, then it might be a case of ordering new parts to get the board working again. 

Can You Ride A Hoverboard If The Ground Is Wet?

While most hoverboards are water resistant, it’s best to be safe rather than sorry and not ride on any surface that is wet. While you can risk it and your hoverboard might be fine, you could also be left with a device that does not work at all.

Most hoverboard experts would advise that you don’t ride your hoverboard, even when the floor is slightly damp. The IP rating is in place for emergency situations rather than riding the board through water all the time. 

How To Take Apart A Hoverboard?

Lay your hoverboard on a soft surface such as cardboard to ensure that the board doesn;t get scratched. With the wheels pointing up, use a standard phillips head screwdriver to unscrew all of the screws on the bottom of the board. There are usually eight. 

Remove the panels. There are two panels on a hoverboard – one that contains the battery and another that contains the motherboard. Disconnect the wire connectors from the panel and the electronics underneath.

You can now remove the electronic components that you need using the screwdriver. Be careful not to damage any of the electronics or the wires, and don’t lose the screws!

Can Hoverboards Be Repaired?

Yes, hoverboards can be repaired both at home and by a professional. There are many tutorials online that can help you learn how to repair your hoverboard, all you’ll need to do is buy replacement parts and the correct tools. 

Remember that if you are unsure of how to repair your hoverboard, consult with a professional. They will know the correct practices to use and won’t damage it further. 


Hoverboards are not waterproof, but most are water resistant. However, this does not mean that you should ride them on damp ground all the time. The water resistance is more of a contingency plan than anything else. 

If you do get your hoverboard wet, turn it off immediately and dry it out. You can repair it at home by yourself, but always consult a professional if you don’t feel confident in doing so. 

Key takeaways relating to riding hoverboards in wet conditions

  1. The average self-balancing scooter or off-road hoverboards are not waterproof: even the best hoverboards shouldn’t be immersed in water
  2. Whatever the top speed, you shouldn’t ride into any amount of water at maximum speed: always take care on a wet hoverboard
  3. All terrain hoverboards resist water better than street boards
  4. Wet conditions can reduce battery life, so you’ll go progressively less far each time for a single charge
  5. Wet surfaces and wet roads can be pretty slick and handling a self-balancing board can be a problem on uneven terrain (rough terrain) with standard hoverboards
  6. It’s a good idea to wipe down a wet board with a paper towel after heavy rain
  7. Don’t ride on wet grass at all, unless you’re looking fro a tumble: regular hoverboards don’t handle it very well
  8. Even riding through small puddles can give stability problems
  9. Choose a brand name board with larger wheels for safety on a variety of terrains in adverse weather such as light rain
  10. Check the hoverboard’s IP rating before buying. The better boards have a higher IP which is an indication of the degree of water resistance and you’ll have a better chance of trouble-free riding
  11. Bigger hoverboard wheel size is preferable but can impact maximum range over rough surfaces
  12. Hoverboard parts should match the type and brand of your model. A lot of places might offer sub-standard parts
  13. The best hoverboards have exceptional build quality with the best electric components mounted within water ingress protection
  14. Larger tires are better for off-road use and unpaved surfaces
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