Can Electric Vehicles Be Flat Towed?

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As a general rule, pure Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) cannot be flat towed, as there is no true neutral mode for complete motor disconnect from the wheels. The list below shows the towing method recommended for some popular electric cars:


How to tow

Tesla Model 3


Rivian R1T 


Rivian R1S 


Tesla Model X 


 Nissan Leaf 

Trailer, Dolly (FWD Model Only)

Ford F150 Lightning


Tesla Model Y 


Tesla Model S


 Ford Mustang Mach-E


Chevrolet Bolt 

Front Wheel Dolly, Trailer

Hyundai KONA Electric 


Hyundai IONIQ Electric


Mini Cooper SE 


If you’re thinking about getting an electric vehicle, or if you’ve just bought one, you may be wondering if it’s possible to flat tow it. The answer is yes – but there are a few things you need to know before you go ahead and do it. 

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at what flat towing is, and how you can go about doing it with your electric vehicle. Stay tuned!

Which hybrid vehicles that can be flat towed?

While many hybrid vehicles cannot be flat towed, there are a few models that can be towed safely behind another vehicle. The Toyota Prius is one of the most popular hybrids on the market and it can be flat towed as long as certain precautions are taken. 

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The Honda Insight is another hybrid that can be flat towed, and it actually requires less preparation than the Prius. In general, hybrids that can be flat towed have a manual transmission and a towing capacity of at least 1,000 pounds. 

Before flat towing any vehicle, it is important to consult the owner’s manual to ensure that the car can be safely towed without damage.

Which hybrid vehicles can be flat-towed?

Hybrid vehicle

How to tow

Ford Escape Hybrid

 Flat tow or Trailer

Ford Maverick Hybrid

Flat tow, Trailer or Dolly (FWD model Only)

Toyota Camry Hybrid 

Dolly or Trailer

Honda CRV Hybrid 


Honda Accord Hybrid

Dolly or Trailer

Toyota Prius Hybrid

Dolly or Trailer

Ford Fusion Hybrid FWD

Flat tow, Dolly or Trailer

What nissan vehicles can be flat towed?

There are a number of different Nissan vehicles that can be flat towed, including the Nissan Murano, Nissan Rogue, and Nissan Pathfinder. Each of these vehicles has a towing capacity of at least 1,000 pounds, making them ideal for being towed behind another vehicle. 

In addition, each of these vehicles has a transmission that is designed to be compatible with being towed. As a result, flat towing these vehicles is a safe and easy way to transport them from one location to another.

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Why can’t you tow an electric car?

One reason you can’t tow an electric car is that doing so would put a strain on the battery. Towing an electric car would require the battery to work harder than it normally would, which could reduce its lifespan. 

Additionally, electric cars typically have regenerative brakes, which means that they use the force of the brakes to recharge the battery. If an electric car were being towed, the regenerative brakes would be rendered useless, which would further drain the battery. 

In short, towing an electric car would be hard on the battery and could potentially damage the car.

What honda vehicles can be flat towed?

There are several Honda vehicles that can be flat towed, including the Honda CR-V, Honda Element, and Honda Fit. While some newer models of the CR-V cannot be flat towed, older models (from 2007 and earlier) can. 

The same is true for the Element – while some newer models cannot be flat towed, older models (from 2011 and earlier) can. The Honda Fit can also be flat towed, regardless of model year. 

If you are unsure whether or not your Honda vehicle can be flat towed, consult your owner’s manual or a Honda dealership.

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Can you flat tow a rivian?

Rivian vehicles are designed to be flat towed, which means they can be towed behind another vehicle without the need for a trailer. 

  • This is a convenient feature for owners who want to take their Rivian on a road trip or to a remote location. 
  • In order to flat tow a Rivian, the vehicle must be properly equipped with the necessary gear. This includes a hitch receiver, tow bar, and wiring harness. 
  • The Rivian must also be in neutral and have the parking brake disengaged. Once the Rivian is properly prepared, it can be flat towed behind another vehicle with ease.

Can you tow a hybrid car behind a motorhome?

While most hybrid cars can be towed behind a motorhome, there are a few things to keep in mind. 

  • First, consult the owner’s manual to see if your particular model of hybrid car can be towed. Some hybrid cars have special systems that may be damaged by the towing process. 
  • If your car can be towed, make sure to disconnect the battery before starting. This will help prevent the battery from overworking and becoming damaged. 
  • Finally, be sure to drive slowly and carefully when towing a hybrid car. The extra weight of the car can put strain on the motorhome’s engine, so it’s important not to push the limits. 

By following these simple guidelines, you can safely tow a hybrid car behind your motorhome.

What ford vehicles can be flat towed?

There are a number of different Ford vehicles that can be flat towed, including the Edge, Escape, and Explorer. In order to flat tow a vehicle, it must have four-wheel drive and a manual transmission

The reason for this is that four-wheel drive vehicles can be put into neutral, which prevents the transmission from being damaged during the tow. 

If a vehicle has an automatic transmission, it will need to be placed in gear in order to tow it, which can cause damage to the transmission over time. 

For this reason, it is important to make sure that your vehicle is properly equipped for flat towing before you attempt it.

FAQ relating to Can electric vehicles be flat towed

Are any electric vehicles flat towable?

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, but there are still some limitations to consider before making the switch. One of the main concerns is towing capability. 

Electric vehicles typically have a shorter range than traditional gas-powered cars, so they may not be able to tow a trailer or camper for long distances. 

However, some electric vehicles are flat towable, meaning they can be towed behind another vehicle without needing to be lifted off the ground. 

This makes them a good option for those who want the benefits of an electric car but still need to be able to tow a trailer from time to time. 

Before choosing an electric vehicle, be sure to check its tow rating to see if it will meet your needs.

Can a Tesla be flat towed?

Many people are curious about whether or not a Tesla can be flat towed. The answer is yes, but there are a few things to keep in mind. 

First, all four wheels must be on the ground. Second, the vehicle must be in neutral. Third, the towing vehicle must be equipped with a tow bar that is rated for the weight of the Tesla. 

And fourth, the tires on the Tesla must be inflated to the proper pressure. If all of these conditions are met, then a Tesla can be safely flat towed behind another vehicle.

Can you tow an electric car with a flat battery?

Electric cars are becoming increasingly popular, but there are still some misconceptions about them. One common question is whether or not you can tow an electric car with a flat battery. 

The answer is yes, you can tow an electric car with a flat battery, but there are a few things you need to keep in mind. First of all, you’ll need to make sure that the towing vehicle is equipped with the proper adapter. 

Second, you’ll need to be careful not to damage the electric car’s battery or charging system. Finally, it’s important to keep the electric car’s tires inflated to the proper pressure; otherwise, they could be damaged during the tow. 

With these considerations in mind, electric cars can be safely towed with a flat battery.

Can the Ford Lightning be flat towed?

The Ford Lightning is a truck that was produced by Ford from 1993 to 2004. It is a high performance version of the Ford F-150 and was originally designed to be used as a work truck. However, many people also use it for recreational purposes such as towing. 

The question of whether or not the Ford Lightning can be flat towed has been debated for many years. There is no definitive answer, but there are a few things to consider. 

  • First, Lightning has a manual transmission, which means that it can be towed without damaging the transmission. 
  • Second, the Lightning is rear-wheel drive, which can make it more difficult to tow than a front-wheel drive vehicle. 
  • Finally, Lightning is a very heavy truck, which means that it will put more strain on the tow vehicle than a lighter vehicle. 

For these reasons, it is generally recommended that the Ford Lightning not be flat towed.


Electric vehicles are becoming more popular each year, and as the technology continues to improve, it’s likely that even more people will make the switch to electric. 

If you’re considering purchasing an electric vehicle, or if you already own one, it’s important to know how to properly tow them. Thanks to our team of experts, you can rest assured that your electric vehicle is in good hands. 

We’ve answered all of your questions about flat towing electric vehicles and we’ll continue to update this post as new information arises. Have a question that wasn’t answered in this article? Let us know in the comments section below and we’ll do our best to answer it for you.

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