Hoverboard One Side Not Working – What’s the Fix?

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A common problem with a hoverboard is one side not working. One side either stops working or become slow causing problems.

While there could be various causes, the most common one is calibration-related. The good news is re-calibrating the hoverboard should make it work again.

Hoverboard one side not working red light on

If one side of your hoverboard is not working, then there could be various things causing the problem. If the problem is accompanied by the red light being on, then it tells you the problem.

The LED lights of your hoverboard can show red to indicate something is wrong. It could be an indicator of motherboard or motor malfunction.

When the red light is blinking, then it could be a charging port issue. It indicates there is less than 10% charge. Allow for full charge with the green light on and it should work fine.

 If it still continues to flash red then there could be a battery problem. It may call for replacing the faulty battery.

One side of hoverboard not charging

If one side of your hoverboard is not charging, then the problem could be due to either:

  • The charger, or
  • The battery.

The hoverboard charger could have a problem, which is why the hoverboard is not charging. You should then get a new charger and try to check if the problem is resolved. Also, check the charger port.

It is possible that the battery is past its life. In such a case, it would not work. To solve this problem, you need to get a new battery.

Hoverboard gyroscope

Your hoverboard is a self-balancing scooter. The ability to balance comes from a key component the hoverboard has, which is the gyroscope.

The gyroscope is present on both sides of the hoverboard. It is gyroscope that ensures you remain balanced while you move around. It is key safety equipment in the hoverboard.

Since there are two gyroscopes on both sides, both need to work well. If one of them fails to work, then that side of the hoverboard will become faulty.

There is an interesting and important information you need to be aware. There are two types of gyroscopes in the hoverboard – male and female.

1. Male gyroscope

The male gyroscope is most common and used in almost all types of hoverboards. How do you know if the gyroscope is male or not?

It is very simple to find out. Check if there are two receiving ports. Also, there must be a wire harness. If so, then it is a male gyroscope.

2. Female gyroscope

A female gyroscope may be present in the hoverboard. To identify it, you need to check that it has two receiving but no wire harness.

If your hoverboard is not working on one side, you must check if the problem is with the gyroscope on that side.

Check if the gyroscope is working fine. If not, it needs to be repaired or replaced. Once this is done, your board will continue to work like before.

Hover 1 Eclipse one side not working

The Hover 1 Eclipse is a popular hoverboard that comes with a smartphone app and Bluetooth connectivity. If you face problems with one side not working here are possible solutions.

  • It could mostly be a calibration issue. Set the hoverboard on a flat surface and power off. Hold the power button for 15 seconds. Turn off and on. Press the power button twice. The device is now calibrated.
  • Check the wiring after opening the board. There could be a wiring malfunction. Check for loose cables or a disconnected wire. If there is a short circuit in the wire, replace it.
  • A key reason for one side not working is the gyroscope. Check if the gyroscope is working. If not, then you need to get it replaced. Check the gyroscope type and then order a replacement.
  • A fault in the wheel motor on one side can make that side fail to work. If the motor is damaged, you need to get it repaired or replaced.

You can try and do the repair work yourself by referring to the manual and other guidelines you find online. It is better to get it fixed by a service center, so the repair happens without any problem. 

What are some hoverboard problems and solutions?

It is a good idea to be aware of common problems and solutions.

If your hoverboard has a faulty pressure sensor you need to get it replaced. Similarly, a problem with the foot pad calls for a new rubber pad to be replaced.

When the red light flashed once, it indicates a mother board problem. You will then need to replace the motherboard.

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Why is one wheel not working on my hoverboard?

The hoverboard has two wheels connected to a motor. It is possible sometimes that only one hoverboard wheel works and the other fails.

Let’s understand what could be the reason for one wheel not working. It could be a problem with the motor. You need to check if the motor is working fine. If not, the motor has to be replaced.

There could be a problem with the wheel itself. You need to replace the wheel by getting a similar type.

To replace the wheel, you should be able to open the hoverboard, disconnect the wheel, and fix the new ones. It needs to be done with due diligence else the hoverboard will not work properly.

If you are not comfortable doing it yourself, don’t worry. There are service centers, including online centers that can do this for you.

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Hoverboard malfunction one side not working

When a hoverboard malfunctions and one side of hoverboard stops working, then the hoverboard owner needs to do the following.

  • First thing, calibrate the hoverboard. Place on a flat surface after turning it off. Next, hold the power button for 7-8 seconds. Then switch off and on to complete the calibration.
  • Even after calibration, if it does not work then check the wiring. A short circuit or loose wires could be causing the problem. Replace or reconnect the wires.
  • A faulty gyroscope is a common reason for one side malfunctioning. In such a case, replace the gyroscope.
  • Sometimes, the internal circuits may have a problem. You can get the circuit boards repaired or replace it with a new one.
  • If the problem is with the wheel, then you need to get a perfect replacement.
  • When all else fails, the only option left is to get a new hoverboard.

Easy hoverboard diagnostics for one wheel not working

When one wheel of the hoverboard is not working, then the solution is to first re-calibrate the hoverboard. This is the most common issue and solution.

If this doesn’t work, check the wiring and the working of the bad gyroscope. Where required, the wheel itself may need to be replaced. Ensure you get the same type of wheel.

Get the replacement parts and fix it yourself or at a service center.

FAQs relating to Hoverboard one side not working

If you have hoverboard issues related to one side of your hoverboard not working, then go through these FAQs. You will get all your questions answered.

How do you fix a hoverboard that only works on one side?

When a hoverboard works only on one side, it requires recalibration. Recalibrating it should fix the problem.

If it still doesn’t work, recheck the wiring. Check if the wheel motor is working fine and also check the gyroscope.

If any of these hoverboard parts are not working, they need to be replaced.

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Why does only one side of my hoverboard light up?

If only one side of the hoverboard is lighting up, it means the other side is not working. Recheck the wiring and if the gyroscope is not working change it to make the hoverboard work.

Why is one side of my hoverboard blinking red?

If one side hoverboard light is blinking red, it indicates then there could a problem with the hoverboard.

  • If the red light blinks 4 times, then it is a problem related to the motor on the motherboard side. The solution is to replace the motor.
  • If the red light blinks 5 times, then the problem is with the motor on the battery side.
  • Replacing the battery side motor should fix the problem.

How do I fix my uneven hoverboard?

If your hoverboard is uneven, then it is clear that the self-balancing mode is not working. Riding a hoverboard that is unbalanced can be risky and you need to take prompt action to fix it.

The fix is simple, all you need to do is recalibrate the hoverboard. Place it on a flat table or any surface that is even. Hold the power button for 5 to 10 seconds (varies depending on model).

When you hear the beep sound twice, let go of the button. The lights flash indicating re-calibration is in progress.

When the flashing lights stop, switch off and then switch on. The device is now fixed.

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