Why Is My Hoverboard Not Holding Charge?

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Hoverboard owners at some point (after the first time) will notice a charging issue with their electronic device. This could mean either the hoverboard is not functioning optimally or the hoverboard keeps losing charge. 

If you think your hoverboard is damaged (like having faulty gyroscopes), a repair is in order. However, if you think your device is suffering from a battery problem, you may have to get a new battery and/or a new charger.

What Is The Average Hoverboard Battery Price?

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Hoverboards are like self-balancing scooters. They can reach up to 10 miles per hour (depending on the brand). As a rider, you can perform some impressive turns and stunts on these electric scooters.

As a result, your hoverboard’s battery will wear down over time. It will lose its efficiency, not lasting for a long time like it used to. In that case, you would require a replacement.

Depending on the type of battery, you can expect to pay anywhere between $30 and $70 dollars. Other factors which influence battery price are brand, model, and the source of purchase.

Here is a list of batteries that can power a hoverboard. You can choose the type as per your requirement and convenience:

Lithium-Ion Batteries:

These batteries are very popular among hoverboard riders due to a couple of reasons.

First thing, they are very affordable, making them ideal as a battery replacement. In the initial days, lithium-ion batteries were dangerous to use.

Due to problems like a short circuit or circuit board overload, these batteries would catch fire.

But now things are much better. Lithium-ion batteries in the market must have UL (Underwriter’s Laboratories) safety certification.

This has made lithium-ion the best way to power your hoverboard without spending a lot of money.

Lead Acid Batteries:

When lithium-ion batteries were exploding inside hoverboards, some manufacturers switched back to lead acid batteries.

Just because the battery has the term “acid” in it, it does not mean it is unsafe. On the contrary, lead acid batteries have stood the test of time. They are still used in cars.

The downside of using these batteries is their performance. On a single charge, a lithium-ion battery lasts much longer than a lead acid battery.

The battery level will deplete even more if your hoverboard has additional features like lights and


But if you are looking for a safe battery, then using lead acid batteries is a good idea.

LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) Batteries:

These batteries offer the best and easiest way to power your hoverboards. Although they have been in the market for some time now, manufacturers have only recently recognized their value.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries can produce more power, while maintaining safety. So, there is no need of worrying about catching fire.

As a power source for hoverboards, LiFePO4 batteries can operate dual motors. Due to this, your hoverboard can travel much faster and further.

In addition to this, these batteries can also handle high temperatures easily without any fear of damage.

With so many advantages it is correct to assume that LiFePO4 are more expensive than lithium-ion and lead acid batteries.

How Much Is A 36v Hoverboard Battery?

For hoverboards, a 36V lithium-ion battery will cost you $42 dollars (approx.). If you wish to go for a battery pack, each battery in the pack will fall a little cheaper.

For instance, if you buy a pack of 3 lithium-ion batteries, the individual price of each battery would become $38 dollars. You will end up paying a total of $114. Similarly, a pack of 4 will be even more cost-effective. 

Lithium-ion is a rechargeable battery, which produces a lot of power. Please make sure you buy from a trusted brand because lithium-ion batteries are prone to catching fire.

Do I Need A Hoverboard Replacement Battery?

If you feel your hoverboard is not performing well then you might want to carry out an inspection. The problem could lie in the machine, battery or the original charger. Based on that, you can determine what needs replacing.

This section will teach you how to check if your hoverboard battery needs to be replaced. Simply follow these steps:

  • Put your hoverboard on charge. First drain your hoverboard entirely of charge.
  • To check if the hoverboard is completely out of charge, press the power button. If the hoverboard does not turn on, you are good to proceed.
  • Then, connect the charger cord to the hoverboard’s charging port. Connect the other end of the charger port to an active wall socket. 

How To Reset Hoverboard Battery

Resetting your hoverboard might be necessary from time to time. For example, if your hoverboard keeps turning off on its own, a battery reset might solve the issue.

Follow these steps to get started:

  • Place your hoverboard on a flat surface.
  • Find the power button, then press and hold it for 10 seconds.
  • The light indicator on your hoverboard might begin beeping and flashing a green and/or red light.
  • Do not be alarmed by the beeping and flashing. It means the hoverboard requires recalibration for proper balance.
  • Keep holding the power button down as that ensures the reset is in progress.
  • Next, let go of the power button. You need to turn off the hoverboard now.
  • This completes the reset process. You can turn on the hoverboard again to check.

You can test your hoverboard once it is turned on. If the vehicle is still causing issues, it may have a problem with the battery.

If your hoverboard blinks an orange light, there might be a problem with the motor.

Before jumping to any conclusion, check the hoverboard charger also. Perhaps, a replacement charger is required. Please do not use a laptop charger or any other unauthorized charger for your hoverboard.

Hoverboard Not Charging Green Light

After a full charge, most hoverboard chargers emit green light. However, if your hoverboard is not fully charged and the charger light remains green, there may be a problem.

A charger indicator is red when the hoverboard is not fully charged. So a green light indicates that the charger is not charging your hoverboard.

This means, either the charger has faulty wiring or the battery contains a defective part.

To be sure, try a different hoverboard charger. If the light turns red that means your previous charger was defective.

However, if the light remains green then you need to get the battery checked or replaced.

Samsung Hoverboard Battery Replacement

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Interestingly, companies like Samsung and LG do not manufacture their own hoverboard batteries. They only produce hoverboards.

Instead, battery manufacturing firms work with such companies to create batteries for them.

Uni-Sun Hoverboard Battery Replacement

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Uni-Sun hoverboard batteries are manufactured by the Korean company, Unison Battery Co. Ltd.

This company specializes in producing batteries and some electronic items like vacuum cleaners.

Uni-Sun batteries are based on lead acid technology and are completely rechargeable. This makes them ideal for portable electronic gadgets, instruments, and vehicles.

These batteries are safe and free from the problems of gas discharge, liquid leakage, and difficult maintenance.

A typical 36V Uni-Sun battery will cost you around $68 dollars. They are ideal for powering your hoverboard vehicle.  

What Is The Average Hoverboard Battery Life?

A fully charged hoverboard can last anywhere between 20 minutes and 1 hour. Speaking of longevity, a hoverboard battery has a lifespan of 1 to 2 years. After that, you may have to replace the battery.

You can prolong your hoverboard’s battery life by taking good care of your vehicle. Here are some useful tips:

  • Always unplug your hoverboard after it is fully charged. Not doing so will overload the battery and reduce its lifespan.
  • Never ride your hoverboard on low battery. This will put additional strain on both the motor and the battery. Always charge the hoverboard fully before use.
  • Do not exceed the weight limit. A typical hoverboard can hold between 220 and 300 lbs. (pounds) of weight. By adding extra weight you will overstrain the battery.
  • Always use an authorized hoverboard charger. Cheaper or inferior chargers can damage the battery by providing insufficient power.

FAQ Relating To Why Is My Hoverboard Not Holding Charge?

Why Does My Hoverboard Run Out Of Battery So Fast?

There could be two primary reasons for this. First, your hoverboard battery has expired and needs a replacement. Second, your charger is faulty and not charging the hoverboard properly.

Can You Replace Hoverboard Battery?

Absolutely. After 1 to 2 years most hoverboards need a battery replacement. You can visit an authorized dealer or workshop to get the job done. Or, you can learn how to do it on your own.

How Long Do Hoverboard Batteries Last?

The working life of a battery on a full charge lasts up to an hour. It majorly depends on how you use the hoverboard. The lifespan of an average hoverboard battery is around 2 years.

How Do I Know If My Hoverboard Battery Is Bad?

Look for indicators like the device constantly turning off, a green light emitting from the charger etc. If you find your hoverboard does not last as long as it used to, you may have to change the battery.

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