How Much Does A Hoverboard Weigh?

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Hoverboard weight matters and, for some, it can be a deciding factor on which hoverboard to buy.

How Much Does A Hoverboard Weigh?

There are, in fact, different types of hoverboards to buy and the weight of the hoverboard itself can determine how fast it goes, its build quality, as well as the purpose the hoverboard was intended for.

Since you are here, it’s likely that you are buying a hoverboard for the first time and want to find out which hoverboard is right for you.

Don’t worry –  in this guide, we run through the different types of hoverboards you can buy, the average weight of hoverboards, and how the weight of a hoverboard can affect other factors that are worth taking into consideration.

So, with that said, let’s dive in.

What Are Hoverboards Used For?

Self-balancing hoverboards are the trendy new personal transporters that have been rising in popularity ever since the first-ever, official hoverboard came out (made by Hovertrax) in 2013.

Hoverboards are stand-up, solo-passenger personal transporters that are powered by an electric motor, featuring two parallel wheels between a horizontal board that the rider stands on to operate its movement.

Generally, hoverboards are used for leisure and short-distance travel, although there are hoverboards that can be used off-road as well as for long distances.

Hoverboards are still new, so they are not regulated by law in every country. Due to this, they are mostly used privately and not on roads, sidewalks, or in public areas where they might pose a risk to other pedestrians and vehicles.

Types Of Hoverboards

Hoverboards come in different shapes and sizes, and therefore have different weights, speeds, and purposes.

When it comes to hoverboard size, the main things to look at include the size of the board itself, as well as the wheels. Larger boards will be intended for larger riders or off-road use, while smaller boards can cater to younger riders, as well as offer increased portability.

Hoverboard wheels generally come in three sizes: 6.5 inches, 8 inches, and 10 inches. It’s common to find slight variations of these sizes, but currently the most popular wheel size is 6.5 inches.

Larger wheels will typically provide greater durability and, as a result, the ability to ride on different terrains.

So, How Much Does A Hoverboard Weigh?

Hoverboard weight will depend on the size of the hoverboard and the materials it is made from. In general, however, the average weight of a hoverboard is 25 lbs (11 kg)

Larger off-road hoverboards will be heavier, around 32 lbs (14 kg), while smaller, child-friendly hoverboards will be lighter, weighing around 20 lbs (9 kg) and under. 

These are general weight measurements, so it’s always worth checking the product description of the hoverboard itself to make sure you know the correct weight of the hoverboard. 

In rare cases, another thing to make sure of is that the weight measurement (and dimensions) provided on the product description is for the hoverboard alone, and not the total weight of the hoverboard inside the box.

Does Hoverboard Weight Matter?

How Much Does A Hoverboard Weigh?

Weight can play a big part in choosing the right hoverboard, as it will affect how portable (carry-friendly) the hoverboard is, the quality of its materials, and the overall top speed of the hoverboard.

If you are looking for a hoverboard that you can carry with ease (for example, when taking it on public transport), it’s best to choose a lighter hoverboard. If you are looking for a durable hoverboard to use off-road, a heavier, sturdier hoverboard will be more ideal.

What Is The Max Speed Of A Hoverboard?

Since weight can affect the speed of hoverboards, what is the max speed of hoverboards in general?

Again, this will depend on the intended purpose of the hoverboard. But, on average, hoverboards will reach top speeds of 6 to 8mph (9 to 12kph).

This might not seem fast, but hoverboards are self-balancing personal transporters that can be hard to control at high speeds. In fact, you might even be surprised by how fast the hoverboard feels the first time you ride it.

How To Choose The Right Hoverboard

Now you know that hoverboard weight can determine the type of the hoverboard, the speed of the hoverboard, which hoverboard should you choose?

It all depends on the purpose you want to use the hoverboard for. A beginner, budget-friendly hoverboard is ideal if you are a first-time buyer, as this will allow you to get a feel of how hoverboards work and are controlled.

Similarly, a cheap, light hoverboard will be ideal for children, as well as for fun, leisurely use at home.

If you are planning to use your hoverboard for off-road use, or long-distance cruising, it might be worth considering a larger, faster, and more expensive hoverboard that is built for durability.

Either way, the most important factors to look at include the wheel size, top speed, battery life, build quality, and manufacturer.

How Much Are Hoverboards?

Last but not least, how much do hoverboards cost? This is important as, aside from weight, your overall budget will be the final deciding factor when it comes to which hoverboard you can buy.

In general, hoverboards cost between $200 and $250. This is the price for an entry-level hoverboard, but you can expect kids’ hoverboards to be slightly cheaper.

Mid-level hoverboards can be anything from $400 to $1000, while high-end hoverboards will be upwards of $1000.

Deciding on a budget can be based on how much you will use the hoverboard, the quality and design of the hoverboard you want, as well as the hoverboard’s general lifespan.


To conclude, the average adult-sized hoverboard weighs around 25 lbs. Off-road hoverboards with larger boards and wheels will weigh more (around 32 lbs), while children’s hoverboards will weigh less (around 20 lbs).

Ultimately, the weight of the hoverboard you choose to buy will determine other factors, including the hoverboard’s speed, portability, intended purpose, and overall build quality.

To make sure you know the correct weight of your hoverboard, or the hoverboard you intend to buy, always check the product description or contact the manufacturer.

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