What Innovation Enabled Tesla to Be Successful With Electric Vehicles?

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It is often said that necessity is the mother of invention. True to the maxim, we see people of exceptional talent taking up a complex problem, thinking about it, and then finally solving the problem. In this process, they end up becoming founders of highly successful companies like Tesla, SpaceX, Facebook, Amazon and others.

About Tesla

Tesla is a company that primarily makes electric vehicles. Started in 2003, its main aim is to innovate and promote ways of using sustainable energy.

As we know, cars do pollute the environment. Therefore, the sooner we adopt to a sustainable energy model, the better will be our shared future.

The company has improved a lot over time, making a lot of innovations in its products. The first one to be focused on is the information technology

Tesla: Innovation with Information Technology

Tesla has redefined the use of technology. Nowadays, these cars are equipped with a plethora of unique features. You can play games, stream or watch videos on a big touch sensitive screen.

It also uses complicated navigation system while on the autopilot mode. Many predict that you’ll be able to travel in driver-less Tesla taxis by the year 2030.

The cars have many cameras and sensors which ensure a 360-degree view of its surroundings. They also have face scanning, iris scanning and many other facilities.

Since 2019, Tesla offers a feature called ‘Caraoke’. This feature basically allows you to choose from a wide range of music. But it works only when the car is parked (for obvious reasons).

The sentry mode is extremely important as it allows you to keep a watch on your vehicle. It also provides the Over-The-Air (OTA) feature that keeps your vehicle updated with the latest software enhancements. You can automatically park your car as well as retrieve it.

How can Tesla Improve its Strategy?

The high price tag makes Tesla an exclusive club. If Tesla makes affordable cars, it will be loved all over the world. This can be done by setting up more manufacturing centres and charging stations in different countries all over world after negotiating with the respective governments.

It must also focus on the quality of products and the quality of service. In 2019 an industry-wide report lambasted Tesla cars due to problems in quality of production. As of now, Tesla needs to go that extra mile to make electric cars completely replace traditional cars.

Tesla must optimize and put more thought into its advertisement strategies. It must try to send a coherent and positive message to the prospective consumer. The eccentric behavior of its founder Elon Musk has led to multiple stock crashes of Tesla.

Why Tesla is Better than other Cars?

Tesla despite being an electric vehicle, has a good pickup and range. It has a pack of batteries at the base, and a couple of electric engines give it an upper hand over the traditional models. It uses technology in the best possible way providing a memorable driving experience.

When you are struck in traffic, you can entertain yourself with the different infotainment features that it provides like playing games or Caraoke. Its model S boasts of having a range of 396 miles and reach 60 miles per hour within two seconds.

Besides, Tesla also offers a variety of safety features like an automated braking system, a strong build and a lot more. The artificial intelligence and machine learning is used in all latest models.

The long awaited autopilot mode, is now common in Tesla cars, with reasonable safety.

Automatic parking and retrieving facilities also make Tesla better than other cars. Tesla sparks enthusiasm in technology enthusiasts with its feature-loaded cars.

Tesla Innovation and Enterprise

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Tesla as a company has always focused on designing innovative products. It has also spent more money on research and development than that on advertising. It is coming up with batteries which are more sustainable and cleaner as compared to its competitors.

Tesla has not changed its goal since the beginning. That shows its vision is clear. Not only this, Tesla has also made many of its patents open source.

They clearly focus on solving the problems, keeping aside the commercial factors. Funnily enough, it is believed that working in Tesla is better if you are a software engineer, rather than being a mechanical engineer.

Also the organisational structure of Tesla does not entertain VIP culture. All the employees are treated equally.

If anyone wants to talk to another person, then he/she must email them. This is a better way of finding solution to problems as fast as possible and will be in the best interest of the organisation.

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk is himself well aware of all the operations and is keenly involved in driving innovation. This also instills confidence in the employees which will foster the company’s growth.

Was Tesla the First Electric Car?

The short answer is no. Tesla wasn’t the first electric car. The oldest electric car we know of dates back to about two centuries ago, believe it or not.

However, Tesla has been original in its own ways, as mentioned above.

FAQ Relating to Tesla Electric Vehicle Innovation

Q: What is the innovation philosophy of Tesla?

Tesla’s innovation motto is a broad and inclusive one. It aims to transform the automobile industry as a whole. It also aims to create newer and sustainable mobility solutions for the entire human race.

Q: What has been the effect of its innovative approach on Tesla itself?

Tesla’s single-minded focus on innovation has resulted in deep integration of its hardware and its software, Its cutting-edge hardware and revolutionary software has taken it far ahead of its competition.

Q: How is Tesla able to churn out innovation after innovation?

The approach of the founder Elon Musk leads the way in this regard. Elon Musk has instilled in his employees a desire and a drive to go beyond what is acceptable, and be on the lookout for the unthinkable.

Apart from these, some other frequently asked questions about Tesla innovation are discussed below.

How has innovation made Tesla successful?


Innovation is the need of the hour. Tesla does it in all possible ways. They provide you with the best and the latest possible quality in their products.

There are so many innovative products from Tesla that you cannot group it into one particular industry.

The way Tesla has used artificial intelligence and machine learning in its products is something that is far beyond competition. The way Tesla uses and creates technology, their business model, the environment in the organisation, all play a big part.

Through innovation, they have become the first in manufacturing products which are much more efficient and sustainable than the rest. Also they are the only ones who do it without having to compromise on performance and style.

What innovation strategy does Tesla use?

Tesla focuses on solving real-life and day-to-day problems in a manner that is environment-friendly and safe for everyone. They consider their aim more important than commercial factors. Their focus is on getting your attention and making innovative products.

The organisational values at Tesla are such that all they focus on helping people in making room for new ideas. Also, Tesla invests on the right things.

Take for example super charging stations, which are believed to be the most radical energy infrastructure in recent years. They focus on the feedback of their customers and try to anticipate their choices and opinions. Also, having an open mind, the leadership doesn’t fear taking risks.

What made Tesla successful?

Tesla is the world’s most valued automobiles manufacturer. The employees, their innovation, their hard-work and dedication to their mission and to solve the problem are major pointers behind its success.

The policy or rules within the organisation, the kind of leadership Elon Musk shows made Tesla successful.

Also, Tesla finds the best ways for marketing. It believes in doing direct marketing rather than involving middlemen.

Recently it used PUBG and Battlegrounds Mobile India and attracted a lot of youth. Also, Elon Musk is one of the most followed person on Twitter, with multitudes of passionate followers. He does it all very carefully to ensure there is no risk of any negative result.

The quality of the products, the services offered to the consumers, and the value of their feedback is another factor.

What role does innovation play in Tesla?

Innovation is the heart of the company. All the employees are motivated and strive to provide the best to their customers. Innovation always pays off in the long run, and hence, the results.

In a way, it works like an advertisement without any cost. People don’t simply buy a Tesla. Rather, they buy a sophisticated philosophy and an innovation marvel.

It keeps the environment of the organisation warm as people are more interested in innovative activities than anything else. Above all, It helps Tesla achieve the kind of glamour and reputation that it has.

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