How Much Is A Hoverboard Charger?

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On the hunt for a new electric scooter charger? Doing your research is a good thing, because buying the right charger for your hoverboard is a must when it comes to compatibility and general safety.

If your original charger gets lost or broken, it can be hard to know which replacement charger to buy and what specific things to look out for when deciding.

How Much Is A Hoverboard Charger?

Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about hoverboard chargers and batteries.

How To Charge A Hoverboard

Hoverboards have a lithium-ion battery that powers both the motor and the wheels. Lithium-ion batteries are chargeable by simply connecting the appropriate charger to the charging port of the hoverboard and then into a viable power socket.

What Is The Best Way To Charge A Hoverboard?

For safety, avoiding damage to your hoverboard, and getting the best battery performance out of your hoverboard, it is always best to use the charger that came with your hoverboard, or at least a recommended alternative.

Hoverboards should be off and not in use while charging.

How Do You Know That Your Hoverboard Is Charged?

Most modern hoverboards will have LED indicators to visible display whether the hoverboard is charging, at full charge, or in need of charging. This might be displayed via color-coded lights, or visible data on a companion app that is linked to your hoverboard.

A green light usually indicates that your electric scooter is charged.

How Long Does It Take To Charge An Electric Scooter?

In general, hoverboards can take anything from 2-3 hours to reach full charge. But this will depend on the age and health of the battery, as well as the charger being used.

Hoverboard Charger Costs

Hoverboard chargers can cost anything from $5 to $20. As with any charger, you get what you pay for, so it’s widely recommended that you spend as much as you can when buying a replacement hoverboard charger.

Are Cheap Electric Scooter Chargers Any Good?

Generally speaking, how much a charger costs will depend on the quality of the charger and its housing, the charger’s lifespan, how fast it charges, manufacturer, and whether the charger comes with a warranty. Cheap hoverboard chargers are less reliable.

The lowest price chargers might only set you back $5 but will not grant you the charging speed and lifespan of more expensive chargers.

Do All Hoverboards Use the Same Charger?

No – not all hoverboards use the same charger. So, price is not the only thing to consider when buying a hoverboard charger. Each hoverboard is different, and therefore each hoverboard will require a specific charger.

What Happens If You Use The Wrong Electric Scooter Charger?

It’s crucial that you buy a charger that matches the voltage and amps your hoverboard requires to charge optimally and safely.

To find out this information, check the manual that came with your hoverboard, or the manufacturer’s website for the official specifications of your hoverboard.

If the incorrect charger is used, the hoverboard may not charge properly and, in severe cases, get damaged or “explode”.

Where to Buy Hoverboard Chargers?

Hoverboard chargers can be purchased from hoverboard stores and suppliers, as well as mainstream e-commerce stores such as Amazon. But wherever you purchase your charger, always make sure that the product is genuine.

If you are unsure, the best thing to do is to buy a replacement hoverboard charger from the manufacturer of your hoverboard – either from their website or in-store. This ensures you get an authentic product that was designed to charge the specific hoverboard that you own.

Alternating Charging

There are lots of articles and videos online which suggest that you can charge your electric scooter without the use of an official charger. We do not recommend following any of these methods.

Is It Possible To Charge A Hoverboard Without A Charger?

Technically, yes, it is possible to charge a hoverboard without a charger, however it is dangerous and damaging to the device. Some people have managed to charge their electric scooters by using a laptop charger placed on a pin on the hoverboard charger port.

However, this will likely lead to reverse polarity, and can also lead to overloading, short circuiting, and over current.

Are Hoverboard Chargers Universal?

Hoverboard chargers usually run at either 42 or 36 volts. If you want to charge your hoverboard, you’ll need a charger that matches its specifications.

Apart from the voltage (which varies by hoverboard), hoverboard chargers are pretty universal. Buying a universal charger will allow you to use it on other electric scooters in the future.

Are Hoverboard Chargers Safe?

As long as you use the correct charger for your hoverboard, there is no reason to believe that hoverboards are unsafe to charge or use.

To be extra safe, never leave your hoverboard charging for excessive periods of time, or attempt to use your hoverboard while it is charging.

Make sure that the charger you buy has a UL Certification, circuit protection, and all the standard safety features.

As mentioned above, always make sure that you are using the right charger for your hoverboard – the official charger, or a recommended manufacturer alternative, that matches the voltage detailed in your hoverboard’s specifications.

Hoverboard Batteries

How Long Does a Hoverboard Battery Last?

Hoverboard battery life depends on the size and the general health of the battery, but the average fully charged hoverboard will give you between 20 minutes and an hour of continuous use.

The batteries themselves should last between 2-3 years before they need replacing.

Why Is My Electric Scooter Not Charging?

If you are noticing that your hoverboard battery is draining faster than usual, or requiring more frequent charges, it could be an indication that your hoverboard battery is degrading. In this case you may need to replace it.

If Your hoverboard is flashing red and won’t charge at all, it could mean that the charge port is damaged and needs cleaning or repairing.

Can You Replace A Hoverboard Battery?

It’s not uncommon to be able to replace the batteries in most contemporary hoverboards.

But this will require you to check the specifications detailed in the manual you received with your hoverboard, or the product description on the official website.

As a general rule, do not attempt to replace your hoverboard battery without technical knowledge or prior experience. Not installing the battery correctly can result in damaging the hoverboard, poor hoverboard battery performance, or safety risks.

How much Does A Hoverboard Battery Cost?

Depending on the size, a replacement hoverboard battery can cost between $35-$100.

In Short

Final takeaways: in general, replacement hoverboard chargers are priced between $5 and $20. The price will be based on the overall quality of the charger, the manufacturer of the charger, and where you decide to purchase it from.

The charger you use with your hoverboard will affect the performance of the hoverboard, as well as general safety, so always make sure that you buy an official product, or a recommended alternative, from an authentic hoverboard dealer or online store.

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