How Long Does A Hoverboard Battery Last?

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Like several rechargeable devices like cell phones and laptops, a hoverboard tends to use lithium-ion batteries. You will want to take care of them as the longer they last, the more rides you should be able to get out of your hoverboard.

There are many methods to prolonging the battery life of your hoverboard so knowing how long it should last is crucial for enjoying it as long as you can.

How far will a hoverboard go on one charge?

It is also essential to know the reasons why your battery perhaps is not performing as well as you were hoping it would. Changing how you are riding and where you go could help. However, once your battery fails to charge you need to know how to inspect it and even how to fix it.

In this guide, we will be looking at how long a hoverboard battery lasts, what kind of battery it uses, and what you should do to replace it.

How Long Does A Fully Charged Hoverboard Last?

That could be longer due to the average speed that the hoverboard is running at and the overall condition of the battery itself. With regular riding, you should be getting great use out of your hoverboard and it should be able to get through around 500 charging cycles. 

Why Does My Hoverboard Battery Die So Fast?

There are several reasons why your hoverboard battery may not last for as long as it should do. The first is the weight of the rider and that of the hoverboard itself as a particularly heavy combination will be tough for the battery to provide an optimal performance.

Another reason could be how the hoverboard is handled with many designed to handle wear and tear but not especially brutal handling which includes the turning and average running speed. The final reason which would use up the battery quickly is the terrain on which the hoverboard is used as steep slopes and going across rough surfaces can be tough to bear.

Which Hoverboard Has The Longest Battery Life

Particular hoverboard models are designed to have the battery life as one of their redeeming features and are ideal for long rides. The hoverboard that can likely claim to have the longest battery life is the Tomoloo Hoverboard which comes with LED lights and a battery capacity of 4.0Ah. 

How Long Is A Hoverboard’s Lifespan?

As with any vehicle, a hoverboard has a certain lifespan and you should typically see one last for around three to four years with regular use. There are ways to extend the battery life or simply install new parts.

You may also find that the user simply becomes bored with the hoverboard and finds that it has reached the end of its use.

There is some variation between the battery life of some models though in general, a fully charged hoverboard should have a run time of between 45 minutes and an hour.

How To Make Your Hoverboard Battery Last Longer?

How can you make a hoverboard battery last longer?

Every vehicle requires some sort of maintenance to ensure it lasts for as long as possible. With a hoverboard that means finding ways of checking the battery and prolonging its life.

Regular things to look out for include the operating light so you should keep inspecting it to make sure it goes green before each ride. Each hoverboard will have its own weight capacity so as long as that remains under the recommended amount it should keep the battery in good condition.

Simply looking after the battery can make it last longer. Though a hoverboard is designed to be used in all conditions, you do not want to get it wet and have to dry it out.

Also, the way you use the hoverboard is important as continually stopping then going can wear the battery out over time. Choose to ride it in less populated areas so you know you can get a good continuous ride. 

How Long Can You Ride A Hoverboard Before It Dies?

The battery capacity of a hoverboard does vary across all models and you can only really establish this for yourself after some practice. Depending on the terrain, the conditions, and how you run the hoverboard, you should expect the battery to last from eight to 20 miles on a full charge.

The time it takes for the battery to deplete can also differ depending on those conditions though at an average speed you can expect to ride for further than an hour.

Hoverboard Battery Replacement

If your battery fails to charge or has simply come to the end of its lifespan then you can replace it. Check the model and order a new one then dispose of the old one. In order to replace the battery itself, unscrew those four screws that keep the battery on the frame of the hoverboard. Once unscrewed you can unplug the old battery from its plug, connect the new one then screw back in the four screws so you are ready to ride.

What Kind Of A Battery Is Used In A Hoverboard?

Lithium-ion batteries are the power source of choice for a hoverboard, and with good reason too. They have a high energy density combined with excellent efficiency and require a relatively small amount of space. This type of battery is the standard choice for anything that requires regular charging, such as an electric car, electric toothbrush, laptop, or cell phone.

They are also relatively inexpensive and following UL 2271 and UL 2272 certification, most hoverboards are now deemed safe following earlier issues.

Final Thoughts

Taking good care of your hoverboard means knowing what to look out for in its performance. A lot of that comes from the battery so go easy on it and try not to exhaust it too readily by going too fast or over particularly rough terrain.

The lithium-ion battery is efficient at being recharged quickly and can be replaced really easily. Knowing how to make it last longer should mean that you do not need to replace it for a few years. 

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